Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twelve ~ Feb 27th (The End)

We got ready, packed our bags, checked out and had the hotel store our bags as we went out to Portobello Road.

Can you see those clouds? I told Chelsea at one point, those are going to bust open any moment. Which they did and Mimi had forgotten her umbrella. Mimi had been in search of a mini teacup the whole trip & found one right after it started to rain. It was a good way to end the trip. We then went back to the hotel got our bags and made 0ur way to the airport. We arrived in Las Vegas to rain, drove all night through the rain only for it to still be raining the next day. It only made me miss London all the more.

I have put off posting this because I just can't find the energy to write my goodbye. I just can't find the words to express my feelings about going and how much I missed it. I still miss it but the first couple weeks were rough but I am now ready to post my last post and look back with fondness instead of longingness. I wanted to thank those who read my blog or asked about my trip and shared my trip with me, I have loved talking about it. I especially want to thank Mimi & Chelsea for being perfect traveling companions and for making this trip as amazing as it was. Goodbye England, France & Scotland until we meet again, I will carry a piece of you in a little pocket of my heart.


  1. I've never had ANY desire to go to Europe, but your pictures and stories made it look like such an adventure. I actually thought that maybe I could do it one day. I can see why it was so hard to say goodbye. I guess you'll just have to go back someday. Maybe I'll come with you.

  2. I'm so glad that you and Mimi had such a great time :) I think we should plan a trip for 2015 or somewhere down the road.

  3. good idea lindz, where do you wanna go?

    connie, I guess its my turn to blog now huh?