Friday, March 5, 2010

Five ~ Feb 20th

We got up and headed over to the airport where we could rent a car on a Saturday and return it that night as well. After getting the keys we got into the car, Mimi asked "why are there three pedals?" Even if I was comfortable driving manual (which I am not) I wonder if someone who was comfortable would be shifting with their left hand. Needless to say we switched cars. One of the guys said "oh yeah Americans are lazy" but when he said it with his accent it just didn't sound like an insult.

Before heading out in our rental car Mimi & Chelsea were trying to decide who should sit up front. Mimi was convinced Chelsea should and asked who I trusted more. Which was such a silly question I trusted them both equally. Chelsea convinced Mimi she should sit in front, that is until something happened and Mimi started laughing which made me start laughing, I then pulled over Mimi said see I told you I should sit in the back. We then made it out of the airport and onto the freeway and on our way to Windsor Castle which was a rather short drive.

Having Mimi in the back worked out great because she got a lot of great pictures of our trip!

When we got to Windsor there was a marching band and soldiers coming down the street, we thought maybe the Queen was coming or something, but no such luck.

I really liked this blue building that was across the street.

I like this picture because Chelsea and I look ticked off.
Which we weren't.

We did not have much time at each place so we took some pictures and headed to Bath. Which once I was on the highway was easy, except they do not have posted speed limits. Chelsea looked it up and they have a national set speed for highways so that is why it is not posted. Once in Bath we had to find parking but there was a sporting event going on (Rugby) so we parked there and headed into town. We were hungry so we stopped at Garfunkle to get some lunch. In typical English fashion we could not find our waitress when we were done eating and being in a hurry I was rather annoyed. But once we got to the Jane Austen center all was forgotten.

We walked downstairs and looked in the museum but I knew we did not have time so I said we should just head back up to the shop, which is what I wanted anyway. But a tour was starting so we had to make room, I was standing right by the door and people kept trying to let me in. So I started to usher people in with a British accent and all. See me ushering with my hand, I am not sure if anyone bought it or not.

Leaving the store...See happy Connie.
Wandering and admiring Bath.

Isn't Bath beautiful, I was crazy about the architecture.

The drive to Stonehenge was BEAUTIFUL, I wish you could have seen Mimi going from one side of the the car to the other trying to get pictures of it all. Mimi was commenting about the picture below saying I was so happy yet stressed at the same time, hence it is now called "happy/worried eyes". It was true I was overwhelmed with the English Country side but stressed driving through the little towns with their little streets.

 I loved this bridge out in the middle of the field, I yelled "Mimi bridge left."

I had been warned by several people that Stonehenge is underwhelming, so I wasn't expecting much other than to take some cool pictures at sunset. But I wasn't expecting it to be closed, so we had to see it from the fence so if you notice fence in the pictures that is why. I was also not expecting the mud, I mean I should have it had been raining everyday prior but being from a place that does not rain I was not thinking about mud.

Mimi's shoes covered in mud. Mimi was a professional and willing to get muddy to get the shot.

Where as Chelsea and I were across the street where there was no mud.
It is beautiful but they are just not as big as you think.

This being our last stop before going home it was kind of a relief to be out of the car, or moving death trap as I am sure we all came to think of it as. Chelsea started getting a little crazy and boy did it make me laugh. That is why I love this next picture it will remind me of all the laughing that we did on the trip, which was a lot!

See more laughing!


  1. And those are the looks I always saw when I stopped to take pictures. You said you weren't mad but I still had my doubts... ;)

  2. Wait I thought I always looked innocent & pure. :)

  3. The picture of you with Jane makes me unbelievably happy/jealous! And you DROVE? Ohmyword, girl. BRAVE. I am so, so, so impressed!!!