Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten ~ Feb 25th

We headed off to the see Edinburgh Castle, unlike London & Paris there is no tube or metro so we were walking. While walking I asked Mimi to take this picture so I could show you our hotel. It is the building being partly covered by the pointy spires.

When I was in high school we watched a video about Ireland and in the video they talked about how when it is not raining hard there is just sort of a mist falling they don't call it raining, the call it a soft day. I stopped doing my hair for a couple reasons, first we thought the curling irons had broke but really they had just been turned to high to work in Europe. And Second because my hair curled all on its own, something that does not happen here in Arizona.

We got to the castle a few minuets before it opened and decided that the mist falling was not enough for an umbrella.

Chelsea & I waiting for the Castle to open.

I may be wrong but I think this part was a church at the Castle. It was hard to picture what the castle must have been like when it was in use. But it was beautiful & we had some of the men watching the crown jewels start teasing us pretending to call security because they did not like the way we were looking at the necklace. They also gave us some history of the jewels, Scotsmen are more friendly than Englishmen.

We then headed out to check out some of the shops we had passed the night before on Victoria Street.

One of the shops is called The Red Door, a cool shop that had a lot of local artist works. You can actually see the window display we saw on their blog here. (Debbie you need to see their blog) I had to look at everything in their shop.
Then we were off to find The Elephant Cafe where Jo went to write Harry Potter.

This is the view we saw as we ate our lunch, does the castle remind you of Hogwarts, Harry Potter fans? Also this place was playing good music as well all stuff I had on my ipod.

After lunch we headed over to the National Museum of Scotland which the nice men from the Castle informed us was free and warm. After walking all over town looking for the Elephant Cafe I was ready to rest my feet so after the first floor I sat and rested in the museum. We then decided to go to Jenners the department store right across the street from our hotel, it has been there since 1838. It is known as the Harrods of the North. We could see it had a cafe from our window so we decided to go there and hang out while we waited for our train. I am sad it was so cold and we were so tired there are other things I would have liked to do. Like walk through the park & cemetery but being cold & tired will move you in doors.
It was more of a tea room but I got a croissant to snack on while we sat and relaxed. I saw the old man just waiting to pounce as soon as we were settled and as soon as Chelsea was seated he began talking to her. I couldn't hear all the conversation but I know he discussed America, the President, past world wars & Scotland. He was a very sweet old man.

For my Twilight Friends:
I guess I am not that observant because I missed the double decker with the wolf pack on in London. We also saw a couple of Bella Italia's one in London & one in Scotland. See the little sign in the top right corner.

We also saw some books on display in Scotland.

The night before when we were walking around I guess Chelsea had seen a few people walking around dressed like vampires. And said something about seeing a lot of vampires. I think I was looking at the buildings so I asked "where is a vampire" then oh there he was walking right towards me. Yep he totally heard me. That is one thing I learned about myself on this trip, I am a lot louder person than I thought.
The next morning when we got to the castle I pointed to the Volvo and said to Mimi "isn't it sweet that Edward followed us to Scotland." He probably wanted to protect us from the other vampires we saw the night before.

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