Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Pony Tale

I saw this picture of two sisters both with Debbie type hair braided together and with lyrics from the song Changing Colors
'cause when the wind takes you, it takes me, too
I posted it on Debbie's facebook & before I cut my hair we went outside to take our own sister hair braid picture.

Several years ago my brother Mark was on his mission & I decided that I was not going to cut my hair until he came home. Well a year or so after that I decided that I would donate my hair to locks of love. Now a few years later I am finally doing it!

  I am lucky to have a sister in law who is a great hairstylest & is willing to cut my hair for an audience. Thanks Ashley!
  Gracie wasn't sure about me cuting my hair, it was the hardest part of the decision.

Here is my brother Ryan telling me I was going to cry myself to sleep that night. 
Little did he know how great it feels to get rid of 17 inches of hair.
Why is hair off your head so creepy? The kids thought it was funny especially since it looked like a ponies tail.
Vaeh demonstrated the pony tail, she is such a funny girl I sure do love her. 
Soon it was Vaeh's turn to get a trim.

Then Gracie had a change of heart and decided she wanted short hair as well. 
My hair cut is just what I was hoping for!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mr Darcy, Community, Mission Bells & Utah

You know what happens when you never finish any of your blog posts? You get one post full of bits & pieces. Sorry.

I started doing a post after the Oscars about Colin Firth. I was so happy with all the extra coverage with him. Here is one of my favorites...

He was also on Inside The Actors Studio, which is also delightful. His smile & laugh still have me swooning 15 or is it 16 years later.

In other exciting news I just finished watching the first season of Community. I started watching at the end of the first season so I am all caught up & I am very excited it got renewed for season 3.

Even more exciting I am going to go see Jane Eyre today!

You may remember me posting about Coeur De Pirate in my French Lessons post. Coeur De Pirate is BĂ©atrice Martin and she has teamed up with Jay Malinowski to form Armistice I had their song Mission Bells playing in my head for days. I guess my grandma's love for mariachi bands rubbed off on me. 

In sadder news I was in Utah this past weekend for my uncle's funeral. Although I do have many thoughts & feelings about my uncles death, this is just not the post for that. On a happier note I just wanted to share one thought I had while on my trip. I realized how thankful I am for blogs while on my trip. I not only got to see family but a few of the girls I was companions with on my mission. As I was talking to Nadja she asked who I still kept in contact with, everyone I named had blogs. And when I saw Jill she talked about how she reads my sisters blog, they both love vintage. She took Debbie & I to an estate sale, it so much fun to hang with Jill & Debbie together.
The same with my family I gravitated towards the ones who I had contact with either with blogs or facebook. Say what you will about social networks I am grateful to have a way to feel apart of my friends and families lives I don't get to see very often.