Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little help

This is my google  home page besides being able to check my email (gmail) & weather I get to check my google reader. I was shocked to find not everyone uses google reader.

Maybe you do not know what you are missing, let me explain.  Google reader allows you to to check all your favorite blogs & websites in one place. You simply add the web sites you want to follow & when the sites update or posts the reader will show you. For example I know some people do not want to twitter or get twitter but might want to follow a band, celebrity, author, or company you can add their twitter to your feed, no need to sign up for twitter.
Here is a picture of my Google reader in list form, you can also show expanded and see the full post. No more having to go to your blog and click on the links that you follow, or signing into blogger to check only the blogs you follow there. Best of all you can blog stalk, no committing to blogger that you are following them. It is easy to remove feeds & no one is the wiser. You can follow yourself to see how many subscribers you have but it does not tell you who is following. No pressure you can try following a blog but if you get tired of it you can unsubscribe with no one being the wiser. You can learn more about Google reader or sign up for it here. Go my friends who do not already use this go and have your world changed, you will love it.

Speaking of blog stalking I would just like to say, following a strangers blog is not stalking. That is what blogging is for, putting yourself out there & finding others like you. Don't be afraid to comment on other people's blogs, because maybe they would love to blog stalk you as well. How glad I am that after meeting Stephanie Perkins at Project Book Babe I stumbled upon her blog & commented. I not only have made one new friend but others as well. Remember
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C. S. Lewis
Don't let the friendship just be one sided chances are they want to know they are not the only ones who love something as well.
With A Little Help From My Friends by currancy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Out With The Old In With The New part 4

My favorite movies of 2010

I would have loved this movie just based on the fact that it has a bunch of good looking boys in it (Joe Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy & Tom Hardy) who are doing a heist. I love heist movies with a bunch of boys and one girl, Oceans Eleven, Newton Boys, The Italian Job & The Brothers Bloom.  But Inception was so much more, the amazing details like the waredrobe. How each character had a unique style that fit their personality, especially how Dom (Leo) dressed like an old man, because in his mind he was. Am I the only one who was swooning over Arthur's (Joe) suits, because dang he looked good!
You know how movies about books are never as good, because in a movie you can't easily feel the emotions going on with the main character. Inception makes you walk out feeling exactly like Dom, is it reality isn't it. And for those who say the whole thing was a dream, that is a bunch of hooey.

True Grit

When I saw the Coen brothers were remaking True Grit I was very excited because my dad is a big Coen brothers fan. My brother Mark is as well, he forced me to watch No Country For Old Men edited of course. The movie was dark, funny & intense a good receipe for the Coen brothers. I saw it with my dad, four of my brothers, a sister in law & brother in law after we just kept talking about the movie over and over.

The Young Victoria

This technically came out in 2009 but I did not see it till 2010. If you are reading this chances are I already made you watch this movie with me.

As for 2011 here are some movies I am excited about.
Jane Eyre

I loved that they cast people age appropriate & what can I say I am a sucker for pretty movies. Doesn't it look pretty?

The Conspirator

I have been missing James, so I am very excited that he has two movies coming out!
X-Men First Class
Is that Mr. Rochester I spy as Magneto? James McAvoy will be playing Professor Xavier & look at Nicolas Hoult in the back (I am so happy how tall & handom the akward little boy Marcus from About A Boy turned out) will be playing Beast.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Time

Debbie & Russ invited my parents, my little brother & myself over for Christmas eve & Christmas morning. We had a nice dinner & after the kids got to open one present. They both got games, William got Star Wars Trouble & Gracie got Bed Bugs. William & I played Trouble while Gracie & Russ played Bed Bugs, but once  they were done Gracie came to help me play Trouble. It was pretty much the sweetest thing because after she would move our guys she would turn and give me a hug. Here is a little slide show I made of some of the pictures of us hugging.

It was  a very close game and William ended up winning but I told Gracie we won the cutest award.
Later that night my brother Ryan came by & brought with him these ginormous sparklers they got the kids out of bed and had some Christmas Eve magic.

Gracie saw my Dad wrapped up in a green blanket & said look it is the Grinch. This is my dad doing his Grinch impression, it is also his ghost, monster or pretty much anything that is scary impression.
William got me I Heart London socks.

Gracie got me an Eiffel Tower necklace

Later the rest of the family came for breakfast and our family gift exchange.
I was really upset that I couldn't think of anything good for Russ when I very last minuet found this cool Abe Lincoln t-shirt. Russ is an Abe fan.

I also had Russ open Joseph's present since his shirt inspired the onesie I made for Joseph.
Joseph's middle name is Lincoln, it was so perfect & I am extremely proud & was singing that girl is crafty like ice is cold when I finished it.

Gracie hugging her Cinderella barbie doll I got her.

I have mentioned before how much William loves Harry Potter so you can tell he was happy about getting his gear from Santa. He also loved that I got him Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets the movie along with some Harry Potter Lego's.
The rest of the day was spent watching Harry Potter & Newsies or maybe....
Gracie came up to me and said she was tired a few minuets later we were like this.

I got some great gifts from Mark I got a camo snuggie perfect for when I go hunting & fishing, also it has pockets the perfect size to hold books. Ashley made me this awesome book holder that hangs from my bed. So much great stuff!!
It was a very happy Christmas