Friday, March 15, 2013

A Red Mountain, A Salt River & A Fort

Our office was closed President's day and Debbie wanted to take her kids to do something so we discussed ideas and settled on going exploring by Coon's bluff were we had been repelling when we were in high school. Well found a little park area on the way there and decided to check it out instead. 


We walked along the Salt River, found some sticks and played Harry Potter, Jungle Book, and I was a giant chasing Joe he would turn around and swing his wand at me. While Debbie and Joe went back to the car to get food William, Gracie and I built a fort using fallen branches. Debbie and Russ did not get a dog they were just dog sitting for a lady from church.

A Birthday and Galentine's Day

March is about halfway over I better catch up on some things that happened in February. First there was Debbie's birthday I offered to throw a real birthday party after her not so comfortable roast birthday party but she just wanted to spend the day by herself they meet up for dinner with the family, which we did.

We got her some pretty books, Les Miserables and Jane Eyre.

Also in February we remembered to celebrate the most awesome holiday ever.
Some people don't get Galentine's day they think it is an anti-valentine's day, but it is not it is just a day to celebrate your lady friends. Debbie and I invited our best ladies to meet up for dinner at The Olive Mill where we ordered pizza at candy and enjoyed an evening in each others company. Debbie made bracelets for everyone and I made rice crispy treats in the shape of hearts and little cards to go with. It was great and I hope we keep up with this awesome holiday!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Releases and Mustaches

Today is the release of my cousins husband Chad Morris's debut novel Cragbridge Hall, The Invetor's Secret. But Chad & his wife Shelly don't have much time to celebrate and worry about promoting this new book because their daughter Maddie is in the hospital recovering from getting a tumor removed from her brain. Chad wrote a lovely post last week...
"So, my book is coming out, but I don’t think about it much. Writing, you play second fiddle to a beautiful brave nine-year-old girl. You’ll have to wait and see what time I have for you. I have a more important dream right now."

In his post he also mentioned how Maddie thinks mustaches especially on babies are hilarious and so family,  friends and strangers have been posting pictures of themselves with mustaches on facebook & twitter to cheer up Maddie while she is recovering in the hospital.

Today I would like to do something small to try and make Maddie smile and I would like to spread the word  of Chad's book. I am going to go and get it this afternoon so I can share it with my nieces and nephews. 

If you feel like doing something nice today you could join the Mustaches for Maddie and post one twitter with hashtag #mustachesformaddie or send it to Shelly or Chad or spread the word about Cragbridge Hall, tell a niece or nephew get it for them for their birthday. 
 And some outtakes :)