Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Cakes

Debbie didn't want a shower so we just went out to dinner I made little baby cakes as thank you's. 
You buy a package of chocolate wafer's (I got them at Safeway) then you use some whipping cream and spread them between the wafer's to make the mini cakes, I did four. You refrigerate them over night so the wafers become soft like cake I put a little more whipping cream on top and added mini chocolate chips. 

I have had my eye on these baby lit books for awhile and was so excited to get them for baby Louise

I had so much fun looking through them I want to buy them for myself.

Playing Catch Up

I turned 32 back in August and I wanted to show this awesome picture my friend Melanie & Melissa got me. Isn't it so cool the shoes have my initials and the back has a couple of my favorite books. 

 My dad also had surgery to remove a cyst on his brain that had been pushing on a nerve and causing double vision. But he is now almost fully recovered and you can't even see his scar with his hair grown back in.

 On September 11th I went to the Healing Fields that Tempe does with Melissa & Gavin, I am so glad they do that it is such a great way to remember.