Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three ~ Feb 18th

After having breakfast we headed over to Leicester Square to pick up tickets for the play "The Little Dog Laughed". While waiting in line I took the opportunity to be a tourist and get my picture taken in the red box.

We also got tickets for the hop on sight seeing bus and made our way down to the stop to jump on. Maybe getting on in the rain was not the best idea.

We decided a museum was a better option so we rode & got off over by St. Paul's Cathedral. You know from Mary Poppins, Feed the Birds.

We went in to see how much the tour was, I don't remember how much but I do know that Mimi said that we stood at the gates of Heaven but Heaven was to expensive. I did get to sit by the heater and warm up and try to dry my scarf though.

Here I am on the steps, red umbrella (thank you Melissa, Mimi thanks you as well since I ended up packing both my umbrellas last minuet and Mimi forgot hers).

We then crossed the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. You can see St Paul's Cathedral behind us and The Tate Modern & Globe Theater in front of us. It is very much like wandering around in New York just always things to find.

The first thing we did when we went into the museum was called How Is It by Miroslaw Balka. It was a huge industrial looking black box it kind of looked like a huge moving truck. We walked up a long ramp up into the darkness. We could see the black outline of other people and hear other people. But it was very dark and very unnerving walking into the unknown. Mimi & Chelsea got very close we eventually all linked arms and proceeded together, feeling like The Wizard of Oz. Then someone took a picture and the flash blinded us. We thought it was dark before it was now pitch black. We tried to let our eyes adjust but moved forward and ran into the wall.

The Snail by Henri Matisse 1953

Gun by Andy Warhol
I think we ended up spending like two hours there it was amazing and did I mention Free. After we left we walked over by the Globe Theater replica. But decided we did not want to pay for a tour when all we wanted was to see inside.

We then decided to try and jump back on the hop on bus but could not find the stop. So here we are hiding from the rain and trying to find where the stop actually was. I love this photo because London is just passing us by. That is what it was like there, everyone was in a hurry trying to get to work or get home and we were just there taking our time and enjoying life.

We never did find the bus stop so we ended up having to trudge our way through the rain to the closest tube station which really wasn't all that close. We stopped on the way home picked up some food and went back to the hotel to eat & get ready for the play. We picked the play because it was getting praised and because we knew a couple of the cast members. The lead male was played by Rupert Friend, who is that you ask...
He is known best as Mr. Wickham from the 2006 Pride & Prejudice and for being Kiera Knightly's boyfriend. He is also in The Young Victoria, he plays Albert. Gemma Arterton played Elizabeth Bennet in Lost in Austen, was in Quantum of Solace & in the up coming Clash of The Titans & Disney's The Prince of Persia.

I am not going to go into detail about the play but if you would really like to know just ask I will tell you all about it.

When I came out of the play Mimi & Chelsea were whispering and looking over at someone. Mimi is really excited and saying how she wished she had something for him to sign. I asked who and Chelsea said Snape. Snape? who the heck is Snape? Mimi then says Alan Rickman who I couldn't place at first especially since I was looking at the wrong guy. Then I saw him walking while I tried to pull out a pen and paper for Mimi and then she asks me to take a picture of him instead. So I grab my camera and was going to take a picture of his back just so we could say look it is Alan Rickman. Then right as I push the button he turned his head. I felt so bad, you know because I was one of those people who invaded celebrities so I walked back to Mimi saying, sorry, I am so sorry. He wasn't suppose to know I took a picture of him.

We then waited for the actors to come out to get our flyers signed. The cute little guy Harry Lloyd came out asked us where we were from when he heard our accent. Well my accent because Mimi always makes me do the talking, and Chelsea did not participate in our fan girl moments. Then Tamsin Greig came out who in my opinion stole the show. There where some teen girls from New York there who were rather annoying and told the actress she was fierce. I tried not to listen to anything else that came out of their mouths after that. Well after they asked us where we were from and we told them Arizona, then we avoided them.

While meeting Gemma a guy came over with a picture of her from Clash of The Titans. I said "Oh I forgot you are in that" she said yeah and it is coming out soon. I really really wanted to ask her about working with Sam Worthington but was some how able to bite my tongue. She was very nice. Rupert was the last one to leave and the American teenage girls attacked him first after they were done or I thought they were done I handed him my flyer. The loudest of the teenage girls was in the middle of forcing him to take a picture with her. But stopped and said oh you can sign theirs, they are from America too. But she did not stop there she then said, they are from Arizona. Which I responded with "Do you want to tell him our whole life story too?" which got me a smile from Rupert.


  1. The pictures are all so beautiful. What an amazing adventure. I do love the one with London "passing you guys by." That is a perfect shot.

  2. The "someone smells good" story is easily my favorite of your trip. HAHAHAHA!! And so cute/flirty. Makes me want to write it into a story. :)

    Also, I had no idea (or at least I'd forgotten, because I've seen Sliding Doors — and love it) people were quiet on the tube! Thank goodness it wasn't like that in Paris. I don't think I would have been able to take the silence either. My friends and I yakked up a storm. (Though we tried to do it politely and in a non-loud American way.)