Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Present

A few months back while at our family dinner at my parents we were watching Mary Poppins when my mom said something about making me a Mary Poppins costume. And not just some easy costume but the Jolly Holiday costume
My mom also mentioned that if I found a Bert she would make it. I thought about making my own advertisement like the kids on Mary Poppins...Wanted a Bert preferably British...

I wouldn't even had to have change the words that much! But thankfully my mom offered to make me the dress this Halloween even with out Bert.
Mary Poppins Costume
I know amazing right! I decided that since William & Gracie wouldn't get to do a big thing for Halloween I would offer to take the to Schnepf Farms for their Halloween Carnival. Also to let Debbie & Russ get some rest after all the sleep they have been losing over this guy.
Side note, yes I was there for the birth of this amazing little guy (Joseph) and no I am not sure if I am going to do a post about it. But I will tell you what I told my friend Melissa the next day "it was intense, crazy, hard, gross & beautiful all at the same time." Ok maybe that isn't an exact quote but it was something close. For those who don't know Debbie had Joseph at home and completely natural, which probably wouldn't have been a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that he weighed ten pounds and five ounces.

Alright back to Halloween carnival. William was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor style. When we walked in through the gates they were painting faces. A guy asked William what he wanted, I expected him to not know. But he pointed around his mouth and said I just want it right here, the guy asked what he wanted painted and William answered a moustache & beard like Obi-Wan. I took this picture so he could see what he looked like.
Next we went to the Carousel, which I thought was very fitting since I was dressed as Mary Poppins.

I love how William looks like a little man in this picture!
I think I am going to change this to my profile picture on facebook. I love roller coasters and putting my hands up and William & Gracie saw others doing it and he did this all on his own.
I didn't even know he had a dimple.
I was really nervous that it would be to scary for Gracie but as you can see from this picture she loved it. Which is really surprising is that she was totally asleep on me in line. I had to wake her up to go. But as soon as we were done she was bouncing up & down saying she wanted to go again.

I know this is a weird picture but I liked it.
After the ride the kids wanted dinner, so we got shaved ice. Hey that is what they wanted and what can I say I am their aunt.

It was an awesome day, one that I will cherish for years to come.
Favorite Parts...
One: when we were leaving and I heard a little girl say look Mary Poppins so I waved. William said to me everyone thinks you look pretty. He can be so sweet it actually make my heart hurt.
Two: Even though my arms & my back hurt right now, holding Gracie as she slept in the long line for the roller coaster. I love that she is so tiny and still likes to be held.
Three: Driving home and playing Disney songs & hearing William & Gracie singing You Can Fly from Peter Pan, them singing that song is my new favorite.
Last: When leaving a little girl came up to me and told me I was pretty. I don't think she knew who I was suppose to be but she knew it was someone pretty. I got so many complements on my dress and I would just beam with pride & tell them my mother made it for me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloweens Past

I love Halloween, not so much the haunted houses & spooky scary stuff but the fall part of it. Pumpkins (I love everything pumpkin from pie to shakes to waffles) & pomegranates we had a tree growing up I have missed it, but Debbie has one now! And the best part of Halloween is dressing up, I really do like to come up with costumes and dress up. This year my mom made me an AMAZING Mary Poppins costume, I only wish you could see it in person.

Here I am as Margo from The Royal Tennenbaums in 2002

(if you remember her hair was black when she found her real family)

Basically I wanted to wear a wig so I found one I liked and then decided to be a witch. My brother Mark had my mom make him a Robin costume.

Lauren as an umpa lumpa still blows me away so awesome! I was a flapper.

Here I am as Juno, I was very proud of how real my belly looked.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do you want to dance?

Although my sister Debbie & I are different in personalities we get along so well because we love so much of the same things, and we both really love to sing & dance. We will be driving in the car music playing but deep in conversation but both stop talking at the same time and sing one line of the song, it just has to be done. Why we pick the same lines to sing, who knows I guess it is just one of those weird sister things. I did a post on movies I love that have singing in them but are not musicals called Sing Sing Sing which you can see here.

We also love to dance and with Debbie pregnant it made me remember how when she was pregnant with her first child we use to have dance parties after Sunday dinner. And during that same time our friend Lindsey (who is one of the best dancers I know) was sad so Debbie & I put some music on and danced in our parents drive way to cheer her up. The picture below is a recreation we did to help Brett propose to Lindsey.

Pregnant Debbie dancing is a favorite of anyone who has seen it & don't worry I have a video for you to watch of Debbie dancing while she was pregnant with number 2 Gracie here
You're Welcome!
Also here are some of my favorite dancing scenes from movies that are not musicals.
Napolean Dynamite here

Thriller 13 Going On 30

17 Again - Bust A Move Here



Ferris Bueller Macht Blau - The German is for Russ!

Adventures in Babysitting


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking Forward

I seem to look at time differently than others. It is October which will fly by so I better start getting my fill of pumpkin shakes, bread, pancakes, muffins & ice cream fast. Then November always goes fast then Christmas see it is already the new year and guess what it has been a year since I went to Europe. See my mind skips ahead and then I say crazy things like that in September when in fact it has barely been over half a year.

For the last few years I have posted my favorite movies of the year. With the year winding down I began to wonder what movies would make the cut. Is it just me or has this been a slow year for movies? Thankfully there are still some movies coming out that I am looking forward to.

Harry Potter

I went to the midnight showing of The Half Blood Prince with Mimi & her family last year, I am excited that this year I will feel like a real fan since I finally read the books.

The Tourist

I am so excited for this it looks very North by Northwest.

True Grit

My dad loves the Coen brothers movies, with out even knowing they were Coen brothers movies. So I was excited when I heard that they were remaking True Grit, since my dad is also a John Wayne fan.

Speaking of October & pumpkins what do you think should I be Mary Poppins for Halloween?