Friday, June 18, 2010

I Dream of Houses

I was thinking about some of my favorite houses from the movies and was going to do a post telling you what some of my all time favorite houses are. But as I started doing research I found someone had already done the work it is a blog called Hooked on Houses and she had almost all of my movie houses.
One of the first houses I remember falling in love with (that wasn't a cartoon) was Gone With The Wind. And not Tara but Twelve Oaks and the amazing double stair case

It probably didn't hurt that Rhett Butler was at the bottom of those stairs
Oh and the library don't forget the library
As I got older I realized that two stair cases might be a little much.

When I was in Junior High I really liked the movie The Parent Trap (1961 version) and my parents even bought it for me for Christmas. While researching the ranch house I found out that the outside house is real but the interior was all a set & that Disney still get request asking for blue prints of the house. Yeah if I had money I would be one of those people, because I LOVE THIS HOUSE.

Looking at the outside & the inside now seems silly to think they were the same house.

The main attraction to the house, is the courtyard.

And look can you imagine if that is how you got to your bedroom?My parents were married in 1962 or was it 1963? The point is the early 60's has always been a heavy influence on me.
And the huge open kitchen, love it!

Can you see the tile around the bathtub? It is so pretty.

In high school I fell in LOVE with the house from Practical Magic. Seriously! Check out that garden and it is on an island too.

Yeah this is their pantry.
Personally I would want to live in the attic.

Again AMAZING kitchen.

Now as a grown up I would have to say my favorite house is from The Holiday sure maybe it has to do with the fact that it is in England, but it is just so perfect.
Notice the red & blue my favorite color combo.

There are fireplaces all over the houseAnd her bedroom I Love her bedroom!

And THE BEST PART is the bookshelves!

Now I know this isn't her house but if we could add a theater room to the cottage I would be good to go!
I really do need to thank Hooked on Houses I stole all the pictures but you need to go check out the site because there are more pictures & actual real information. And so many more houses I want to explore! If I thought myself cool enough to give awards I would give that blog the Thanks for Saving Me Tons of Time Award & You Are Made of Awesome.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Family Gathering

*Warning this is the never ending post of pictures*

Eric & Clint (my brother's)

Some of my Nephews & Nieces

And more family

More Bro's

Two Sis in Laws & My Sis

We Eat Cake

Some watch
When my mom crosses her arms like that I think she looks like a gangster. That is another sis in law Charity watching the dancing.

Love you Alison!

Some Dance

and Dance

and Twist

and dance some more

still dancing

Debbie showing us how to look good dancing

Me with a few of my loves

We love bubbles

My mom works

I love my family and glad we know how to throw a party & cut a rug!

Congratulations Eric & Sam