Friday, March 5, 2010

Seven ~ Feb 22nd

We took a train from London to Paris, to be honest I did not even notice when we went under the ocean.

One of the first things we saw in Paris was a Muse poster. Mimi tried to point it out to me while we were walking to our hostel pulling our luggage along. Thankfully they were all over the place.

After dropping our luggage off at our hostel (since we could not check in yet) we headed over to the Louvre. We were only in Paris Monday and Tuesday and the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

Most of you know how Mimi loves to say I look like Zooey, I even made a joke about it in my count down to Europe post. And right before we left she posted a video of Zooey singing Dream a Little Dream of Me & saying when in Paris I needed to do my makeup like her. So I think it is funny that this above picture Mimi thinks I look like Zooey & it is in Paris. Full Circle
Chelsea still wasn't feeling well and we were all a little tired so we didn't stay in the Louvre all that long. We got some lunch the girls told me that I needed to wear my black coat because my white coat & red head band just made me look to sweet & pure, and we were going to get targeted. We went back to the hostel to check in & yes it was a hostel but we had our own room & bathroom we just now had bunk beds & no tv. Mimi was not impressed with Paris that is until we went to see the Eiffel tower, than Mimi had a change of heart.

Look proof I was there.

After we walked down by the Eiffel tower we then walked through the park to find a place to eat dinner. We had onion soup & I had a tomato salad that was so good.
While we had been in London Chelsea got the Phoenix song Napoleon Says stuck in her head because it says "Napoleon Says take off your coat your long johns off too"(we didn't like wearing coats & long johns). Then when we were in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower Chelsea asked if I saw the video of Phoenix playing where we were. I said no I saw the one of them playing on a bus then getting off right in front of the Eiffel Tower, which she hadn't seen. So here they both are for everyone to enjoy.


  1. I had the song "Napoleon Says" stuck in my head there, too! HA!

    (I love that song. Plus, The Boy in my novel has a much-beloved Napoleon shirt! Tee hee.)

  2. ALSO, I think I hummed Dream A Little Dream of Me almost everyday after Paris. I had completely forgotten about the Zooey vid. This trip was our destiny...