Sunday, September 7, 2014

Louise LaVoice

I got a text message from my brother in law Russ at 3:49 AM letting me know Debbie had gone into labor. I had stayed up till 2 AM watching a Korean Drama (we will save that for another post) so I almost got two hours of sleep.
When I got to Debbie's the midwives were there and Debbie was already in the portable tub. Soon we were joined by two of Debbie's friends one taking pictures and the other videoing.

I started this post almost a year ago and never finished I am not 100% why maybe because finding the words to describe the feelings was hard. Maybe because ever since google reader became nonexistent I have pretty much stopped reading blogs. But I still want to upload the photos here so here we go.

I did take a lot of pictures of the birth because Debbie's friends were there and Tiffany got some great shots, and because with Russ helping with the birth Debbie needed someone's hand to squeeze.
Everyone was so excited to meet Louise.
Here she is with Grandpa probably not even an hour old and holding her head up.
I got my turn too!

Later when the kids had gone and to Russ's parents and the house was quiet and Debbie, Russ, my mom and I were all trying to sleep after being up all night. Louise was asleep by me on the couch but I couldn't sleep I just stayed awake to look at her. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Out With The Old In With The New Part 7

Today I typed 2012 instead of 2014, I am not sure if it was just a typing error or if I am just that in denial that is twenty fourteen.
As the year was coming to a close I tried to think what my favorite movies of the year were in preparation for this post. I could only think of two off the top of my head, Austenland and Catching Fire but I told myself not to worry I was bound to think of more when I looked over the list of 2013 movies. Unfortunately nothing really changed after I wrote the list of movies I saw.

Big surprise here but Austenland was definitely my favorite you can pre-order the DVD here

Next was Catching Fire, I don't think I've watched Huger Games again but I would go see Catching Fire again. It has been years since I read Catching Fire but I think this is one of the best book to movie adaptions I have ever seen.

Also can there be a spin off movie that is just about Ceaser Flickerman, Stanley Tucci is the best.

Movies that I liked but didn't necessarily love were Saving Mr. Banks & The Host.

2014 seems to be a more promising year.

Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out so how could it not, right! Interstellar

Wes Anderson has The Grand Budapest Hotel coming out as well

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Should I keep going? Do you guys want to watch trailers all day?


Monuments Men


Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Cakes

Debbie didn't want a shower so we just went out to dinner I made little baby cakes as thank you's. 
You buy a package of chocolate wafer's (I got them at Safeway) then you use some whipping cream and spread them between the wafer's to make the mini cakes, I did four. You refrigerate them over night so the wafers become soft like cake I put a little more whipping cream on top and added mini chocolate chips. 

I have had my eye on these baby lit books for awhile and was so excited to get them for baby Louise

I had so much fun looking through them I want to buy them for myself.

Playing Catch Up

I turned 32 back in August and I wanted to show this awesome picture my friend Melanie & Melissa got me. Isn't it so cool the shoes have my initials and the back has a couple of my favorite books. 

 My dad also had surgery to remove a cyst on his brain that had been pushing on a nerve and causing double vision. But he is now almost fully recovered and you can't even see his scar with his hair grown back in.

 On September 11th I went to the Healing Fields that Tempe does with Melissa & Gavin, I am so glad they do that it is such a great way to remember.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Team Adam Lives On

Do you remember how a couple years ago Gayle Forman author of If I Stay and Where She Went did a contest for a Team Adam design to put on buttons and my design won? Well Gayle emailed me to ask me about using the Team Adam design for a new line of t-shirts she is doing for her books. Well the site is up and the t-shirts look so great and there are tote bags! Can a girl have to many tote bags? I think not.

I am so excited for Team Adam to live on! The movie for If I Stay is getting cast right now and I am actually really excited about the casting so far.
 Mia is being played by Chloe Moretz she posted this picture on Instagram of her practicing the chello! Love!
Adam is being played by Jaimie Blackley who I had just noticed in the trailer for And While We Were Here

It is crazy to me how much he actually looks like Adam and he really does play the guitar and sing.

There are more pretty shirts for all of Gayle's books. Look at all the pretty!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Ends

My brother Mark left back to Omaha to finish his last year of law school this week, Ashley, Sam & Scout will be going back next.

 Here is Mark playing throw a soft ball at my face with the kids. We are going to miss them!

Gracie had her birthday and her party was as adorable as she is. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

When Expectations meet Reality

Do you guys remember that brilliant scene in 500 Days of Summer when it shows side by side Tom's expectations of Summer's party and the reality of what really happened?
Too often in life we do like Anne Shirley so eloquently put, “I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset... almost pays for the thud.” and like both 500 Days & Anne point out our reality rarely meet our expectations. 
Last night I was lucky enough to attend a special screening of Austenland, and although the only real expectation I had was that I would love it, it was a high expectation. My ever practical brain was trying to convince my heart to calm down because there was bound to be something that wasn't going to match my expectations. Imagine my surprise when the movie was over and my expectations were actually surpassed! 
I was pleased at how well it followed the book but also enjoyed the changes that kept me on my toes as well. If I was not laughing I was smiling, I'm not joking my friend Jenny complained about about how sore her face was from smiling! The whole cast really did just a wonderful job, and obviously had fun filming it. Hint stay for the credits.

Keri was delightful as the slightly awkward and yet lovable Jane Hayes. 

J.J. was completely swoon worthy as Mr. Nobley, that "Darcy guy". 

It was a dream come true to see Bret play a romantic lead, who knew he had a little swagger in him?

In my sisters opinion Jennifer Coolidge stole the show, and it is true that everything out of her mouth had me dying. If you think Jennifer was funny in anything else wait till you see her in this. 

Chelsea liked Georgia King's character and seriously there were a couple of scenes I thought I was going to cry from laughing so hard. 

Don't let the no shirt fool you there is more to Ricky Whittle than a pair of abs. All James Callis had to do was use his quizzing glass and I was laughing. 
When the movie was over my friend Chelsea looked over and laughed at the stupid grin I could not get off my face but we all loved it and agreed we want to see it again. And although I love Austenland & Jane Austen I don't think you need to like either to enjoy this movie. In fact I am going to encourage my brothers and dad to see it, I really do think they will enjoy it.