Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One & Two ~ Feb 16th & 17th

Tuesday morning Chelsea picked Mimi & I up and we drove to Las Vegas, where we were catching our flight to London. Before leaving we headed over to the strip so Mimi could see it & so we could take a picture by the fake Eiffel tower. My cousin, husband and kids live in Vegas, we left the car at their house and my aunt & uncle dropped us off at the airport.

While waiting in the airport a guy walked by talking in an English accent and Mimi & I just looked at each other and smiled, he wasn't even good looking but it was exciting.

Once in London we got our underground oyster cards (a pay as you go card to use the tube aka the subway). We got to our hotel, rested & freshened up and then headed out to see London. Having Chelsea who knew her way around was amazing. She knew how to get around and we did not have to worry about it at all. As we exited the station Chelsea turned to look at me so I looked up and there right in front of us was Big Ben we both then turned to watch Mimi's reaction. Mimi never disappoints when it comes to reactions.

I am not sure what we were laughing at at this exact moment but I know we did laugh when I tried to sing the Peter Pan song but I sang it First star to the right and then could not even think of the rest of the words.
The London Eye is just across the river as well so we got to see both right then.

After walking by the London Eye we crossed back over on another bridge and headed to Trafalgar Square. Where we got three pennies and threw them into the fountain & made wishes. Next we walked down to Piccadilly Circus which in not a circus but a round about and the London version of Time Square. The statue below is in the center of it.

We did a little shopping then headed back to our hotel for the night.

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  1. The fake Paris before the real one makes me grin!

    Love all of this. Have I mentioned that yet? Because I DO.

    I can't wait until I visit Phoenix next & can hang out with you and Mimi!