Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Eyes

Fran recommended this video for William so William this is for you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

thinking of the words to say

I have been sitting here at my computer trying to find the words to tell you about the best day I have ever had. I thought maybe if I looked at some pictures of the trip it would help but I found myself just staring at the picture of Fran and me in disbelief. It was the most magical day and I think it might just make me happy for the rest of my life. Let me just say I don't expect anyone to read all this but here we go. Russ & Debbie dropped Alexis and I off at the venue around one-ish while they went to visit Russ's brother who lives in LA. Alexis and I decided to walk around and see what we could find. As we came around a corner we saw a tour bus then two more buses farther down. Next I saw the drummer (Neil) crossing the street. I freaked out and started telling Alexis to look. We hesitated for a second but decided to go for it. We went over said hi and told him that we came from Arizona to see them and that they are our favorite band. Then I apologized for being freaked out and he told us not to be freaked that the band would be around all day so there was no need to freak out. He was very nice and had amazing eyes we were stupid and did not think to take a picture with him. Awhile later we saw Dougie and we got the courage to stop him and ask for a picture. He was very nice he even asked if we had any request. We also saw Andy the guitar player and thought he was coming over to the bus but he got in a taxi with a friend and drove away. A while later a crazy bum came over and talked to us and we were uncomfortable so we walked away. While standing on the street corner waiting for the light to change I saw this boy who Alexis had pointed out earlier as coming off one of the other buses. I was pointing to his shoes trying to get Alexis to remember him & trying not to be obvious when Alexis noticed that Fran was standing next to me. The light changed and he started to cross Alexis was trying to let me know with out saying his name but I looked back at the bus so she pointed to him. By now he was in front of us so Alexis called out "Fran" but did not say it loud enough. So I cleared my throat and called a little louder "Fran". He stopped and turned around and I put my hands up in surrender and said we do not want to intrude. Fran said no it is fine, sorry I just woke up. I told him how I wished I had just woken up since we had driven here from Arizona that morning. Then I said something along the lines of sorry but I have just really wanted to say this to you for along time, he smiled and maybe even said something encouraging so I told him that they are my favorite band and thanked him for writing his music and that it means a lot to me. He said thank you and asked if he could sign something for us and that he even had a sharpie. I told him good because I left the one I was planning to bringing on my kitchen counter. But we asked if we could take pictures with him I think he said oh yeah lets do pictures. So I took a picture of Alexis with Fran and then we switched. When Alexis was getting ready to take the picture I tried to stop her so I could ask if I was scrunching my shoulders but she had already pressed the button so I was talking in my first picture. I felt so stupid for talking during the picture I told Fran sorry it is just that I scrunch my shoulders when I get nervous so he began to rub my arm and I being embarrassed tucked my face into his shoulder. Needless to say we took another picture and I could not hide how extremely happy I was. Then Fran asked if he could sign our tickets and told us we could keep the sharpie (he is so sweet). He told us that he thought we would enjoy the show that they had added some improvements and then I think we said good bye. Instead of following him like we wanted to do, we walked back around the corner where Alexis & I started squeezing each other and squealing in delight basically we acted like a couple of 12 year old girls. We called Debbie & she suggested we go get the pictures developed so we could get them signed later and there was even a CVS across the street so we did. Then we got in line for the show, Debbie and Russ showed up pretty soon with Dinner. When we got in they only let a certain number into the pit which was amazing because it was not crowded at all. But the security guards tried to take our signed tickets from us. It did not take them long to realized there was no way they were going to pry the signed tickets from our dead hands. So they let us keep them.
The show was amazing Fran’s voice is incredible, their harmonies are incredible, Andy is unbelievable on the guitar, and Dougie is delightful with his hips and dimples. Set list played as written:
-Selfish Jean
-Eyes Wide Open
-Writing to Reach You
-Love Will Come Thru
-As You Are
-My Eyes
-Pipe Dreams
-Beautiful Occupation
-Good Feeling
-All I Wanna do is Rock (I am not sure if this is when the were suppose to play this but Russ & I both yelled All I Wanna Do Is Rock & then they played it.)

E: 20 -unplugged
E: Flowers in the Window
E: Humpty Dumpty
E: Why Does it Always Rain on Me?
Here are some pictures from the show.

After the show we waited forever for them to come out but the wait was absolutely worth it. Debbie and Russ got to meet Fran and Dougie also and we got to get our pictures signed. Debbie told Fran how her son William loves the song My Eyes & Closer and Fran talked to her about his son it was very sweet. (I would also like to add that it was Dougies idea to take another picture)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Travis - Tony Boney

The day is almost here and the excitement is killing me. Tomorrow Debbie, Russ, Alexis and I are driving to California to see Travis in concert and I feel like it is Christmas Eve. To share my excitement I decided to post my favorite clip from my Travis video. It is of Fran & Dougie just messing around in their hotel, and all I have to say is I LOVE FRAN, enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Smile Like You Mean It

One of my guilty pleasures is sometimes I watch America’s Next Top Model (I know, judge me if you will). Last week one of the models made me laugh pretty hard. It was while she was being criticized for smiling in a music video they shot with Enrique Iglesia when she was not supposed to be smiling. Her defense was simply “Enrique smiled at me”. I loved it probably because I can totally sympathize with her. There are many things that make me smile and good looking boys are definitely one of them. With it being Thanksgiving and all I have decided to list some of the things that make me smile.

A lot of my favorite things I have already posted on them so I won’t repeat myself and other are just obvious so I will try not to bore you.
Shannon Hale is one of my new favorite authors. I am currently in the process of reading all her books and everyone I have read so far I have loved. I have recently discovered something else that makes me smile. Weight Watchers makes these ice cream bars that are dipped in Oreo crumbs they are really good and best of all they are only 140 calories. I looked for boots for ever and I finally found a pair that I liked and I have to admit that I really like them, which I kind of feel bad about. I would love to hear what things make you smile.