Friday, March 5, 2010

Six ~ Feb 21st

Our plan for Sunday was simple start off by going to the Victoria Albert Museum which was just down the street from the church, have lunch, go to church, hurry to Abbey Road and get some dinner.

Here is the inner court yard for the Victoria Albert Museum.

Chelsea and I examining a baptism font.

I wish you could see the designs that were on the stones they were so beautiful.

When I first saw this I only noticed the the guys on horses and it wasn't till I walked by it again that I saw Christ carrying his cross. It moved me that someone so long ago felt so passionate about something that I feel so passionate about to create this. And here I am who knows how many years later being moved by it.

Chelsea & I moving through the museum, poor Mimi left her camera at home since she didn't think she would be able to take pictures since she couldn't at the Tate. Poor girl had to use my crappy camera.

There were a lot of these little sculptured scenes around this I don't even know what it was. This one is of Adam & Eve being cast out of the garden of Eden.

We thought the Library was closed but look we got in!!

Mimi caught me smelling the books and asked me to do it again, several times actually.

Church was nice, they had good speakers, it was just almost all the girls were American (big surprise huh). I mean I can go to church back home and hear speakers with American accents. It was a large ward, it pretty much filled up the chapel which was a good size. For Relief Society (the class for women) we went up to the third floor and had a fantastic view out to the building across the street. I wanted to take a picture.
We stopped back at our hotel hoping to change and make it to Abbey Road but by the time we changed it was almost dark outside. So we decided to go to Sherlock Holmes for dinner so Mimi & I could try Fish & Chips.
While waiting for our food Mimi took pictures of us, I love it because we all are making funny faces and looking out the side of our eyes. Mimi hates getting her picture taken but I just would remind her that her mom will be mad at her if she doesn't let me.

Mimi & I both ordered Fish & Chips which came with mashed peas, yum. (that is called sarcasm)

Chelsea got some kind of meat with applesauce if I remember right. I ate some of her carrots I remember that.
There was only one waitress working there so I was more patient waiting for our check. But I did get board and start playing with my food. It started with me putting my mashed peas into a rectangle shape on my plate. Then I built a little chip cabin over the peas.

Mimi helped by sharing some of her larger fries, then she built her own chip Stonehenge. I think Chelsea was a little embarrassed and was worried what the waitress was going to think or say. I said that I would leave her a big tip if she was able to take them with out knocking them over.

The waitress ended up coming while we were taking the pictures and she loved them and said she wished she had her camera. And she took all three plates with out knocking them over. We left her a large tip in the shape of a smile face.

When we got back to the hotel we caught the end of the BAFTA (British Acadamy of Film & Television Arts). Chelsea was very excited to see Colin Firth win, which made me happy since I have loved him since I was 15 years old.

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  1. Stonehenge made from chips!! Oh my goodness. I wish I was there. You would be such an awesome travel companion! :) I'm enjoying these posts so much!!