Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Promise

A year ago I promised my brother Mark when he was getting ready to move to Omaha to go to law school that I would fly out there to see The Dark Knight Rises with him. Well it turned out that Mark and his family were coming back to Arizona a week after the premier of The Dark Knight Rises so we decided that we would wait a week and see it together. Can I tell you what a hard promise that was to keep! I thought about going any way but I knew he would ask and I knew I could not lie about it.
Most of the adults in my family were coming so we all met before at Debbie's house some went swimming while others of us made t-shirts batman headbands and hair clips then had dinner (thanks mom).

When the movie was over I wanted to jump up and scream and clap, but settled for sitting and clapping loudly.
I am sure everyone has seen the pictures of Christian Bale visiting the victims in Aurora, I still get teary eyed when I see them. I looked everywhere to find my senior high school yearbook so I could take a picture of what my friend Lindsey wrote in it back in 2000 "We Hail Christian Bale" sadly it is lost*. But my devotion to Christian has never wavered and I am proud to still be a fan.

*Edit I did find my yearbook at my parents house!