Friday, April 16, 2010

I belong to MUSE

I love that the first post I ever did on my blog was about Muse. It shows just how present the band has been in my life since I first heard New Born 8 years ago. I decided the day before the concert that I wanted to make a Muse shirt. I knew I wanted the bands silhouette like on this posters. I also wanted to tell Muse how I felt about them. The first time I listened to the Resistance I came to a song called "I Belong To You" toward the end of the song Matt sings the words "I belong, I belong to you alone" every time I hear that I sing in my head "I belong, I belong to Muse alone". Now although I had a list of some of my favorite phrases from lyrics I liked (Look to the stars Let hope burn in your eyes Remember when we used to shine And had no fear or sense of time Now its time for changing And cleansing everything Destroy the spineless Everything about you is so easy to love Why cant we see That when we bleed we bleed the same You should make a stand Stand up for what you believe And tonight we can truly say Together were invincible Your souls unbreakable Don’t waste your time or time will waste you And faith It drives me away But it turns me on Like a strangers love I'll wait a thousand years Just to see you smile again Love is our resistance I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart There’s sunshine trapped in our hearts It could rise again I belong to you)

it was just always obvious what I would say. And thanks to Mimi for coming up with the idea of putting the lyrics like the logo so people would know I was saying I belong to MUSE.

I made a shirt for Debbie too, I had to put her MUSE up higher since I forgot to put the cardboard under and it bleed through. I had a girl come up and ask where we got our shirts, I thought that was a pretty big complement. Oh and Debbie picked her lyrics as well, which made me happy because Bliss is an old favorite of mine.

We owe a big thank you to Shelby & Amber (Britt's friends) who went early and sort of got in line. We were able to get really close to the stage on Chris's side.

Oh Matt how I love you.

And I can't lie I loved Chris's shinny blue suit.

Chris & Dom spinning.
Closer look.
The only shot of Dom I got.

Matt came over to our side!!!
I stole this picture and I don't remember who to give credit but...

I wanted to tell how Russ & I popped one of the balloons and covered us all in confetti! I pulled out my sharp marker and I think you can even see me bending down getting ready to jump and get the balloon.

Ticket with confetti from the show!!
And the setlist that Britt got.

The show was amazing, I wish I had pictures to show all the lights and awesome effects. I found a pretty good video for you to get a taste.

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  1. I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shirts you made! Freakin' amazing. They totally look professional and SUCH a great idea for a shirt. I also love the video of the concert you found. Very cool. Oh, and I love all the random lyrics you gathered. Again, love it. Great lyrics. :)