Monday, March 26, 2012

High Fives All Around

My good friend Lauren was in town over spring break and we had a lot of fun times. First we went to dinner at La Grande Orange and while walking to the restaurant Lauren brought up Save By The Bell and we literally high fived over the fact that it was now on Netflix's. We then discussed the origins of the high five and how much we enjoyed high fives.
We also had a craft night and I turned this tea cup into a pin cushion. I didn't see it on Pinterest I saw it on Tumblr but did pin it so it is another pin for the win.
Lauren also wanted to have a bonfire, which we did I only have pictures of the coals we pulled away from the fire so we could roast marshmallows with out melting our faces off.

I know it is hard to see but we made mini smores with vanilla wafers, they were excellent!
I have been in love with this ETSY shop for awhile but I don't really do the whole shopping online thing especially if I can make it myself but I just love the design of her stuff I had to buy it.  
Last Sunday we had some unusual weather (meaning it wasn't warm & sunny) come our way and heard it had snowed up north (Payson, Arizona it is an hour and a half drive). My sister Debbie called me Monday morning and told me her family, my mom and two of my sister in laws and their kids were all going up to the snow. I took the day off and we all went and had a snow day. It was even snowing for part of the drive and it was fun for the kids to see it snow.
We had  a blast building snowmen, having snow ball fights and eating snow. 

This past Saturday my mom's neighborhood had a community yard sale. Debbie I took our parents golf cart and drove around and found some steals! I had told my mom forever ago to watch for a beach cruiser with a basket for me. Finding this bike was a dream come true! It has a basket for my library books!!!
I also found this red purse and the lady selling it said oh and it comes with this yellow bag. I had no idea what a Fendi bag was. But she told Debbie and I how she got it in the Bahamas after winning a big sum of money gambling. I now know what it feels like to own a thousand dollar purse, it feels a lot like owning a three dollar purse. 
My nieces got some dress up and I loved see them walking around as a butterfly and a kitty, best quarter they ever spent. 

William got a snorkel and was determined to use it Grandma told him he could put his feet in knowing he would see how cold it still was. He ended up putting more than his feet in and after I made his wet hair into a mohawk/fohawk.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Ramblings

Last night a couple of my friends rented out a couple theaters to do an advanced screening of The Hunger Games, meaning we got to see it at eight rather than midnight! I hate spoilers so I am simply going to say that the movie swept me up and took me to places that had previously only existed in my mind and I left happy. 
I chose not to re-read the books (again) because I was afraid with it fresh in my memory I would be annoyed more at the details they could not fit into the movie. After the movie was over and I was home in bed I kept thinking about Katniss and her journey and my own Hunger Games memories.

I read The Hunger Games September 25, 2008 (at least that is when I added it to my Goodreads) I looked up to see when The Hunger Games came out September 14th so a week and a half before I read it. All I knew about The Hunger Games was it was getting buzz from authors and it was highly addicting. When I was reading it for the first time my sister Debbie along with her husband Russ, son William and baby daughter Gracie were living with me in my two bedroom condo while Russ was doing his rotations. William and I were sharing a room and I remember reading late into the night and finally having to put the book down to get some sleep. When I got home I went straight to my room to read and when the book ended and I saw book one. I wanted to throw the book across the room knowing that the book had just come out and I would have to wait a year for the next one. And although I did not throw the book across the room I did hit the book a few times on the bed. 
Thankfully one of my friends named Jen got an ARC for Catching Fire and she let me borrow it. I don't remember why but that weekend Debbie her family and I were staying at my moms. I brought The Hunger Games along with Catching Fire in case Debbie would finally read The Hunger Games. I was right when Debbie saw she had the chance to read Catching Fire as well she grabbed The Hunger Games and we went into the spare bedroom and read side by side. I still remember having to put the book down and pacing down the hall because I scared to know what happened but had to know what happened. 
Mockingjay came out August 24th the day before my birthday so I took my birthday off and spent the day reading and eating. One of my favorite pictures is of me laying on Debbie's floor while I was reading Gracie came and laid on me while she watched Peter Pan. 

Melissa and I as usual decided to make arrow shirts last minuet. You can kind of see them in the picture Espe took of us before the movie.
I love how things like books or movies or songs can bring you back in time and next year when I am watching  Catching Fire I am sure I will think back to last night on my trip down memory lane. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dancing with Thom

I can't seem to find the right words about seeing Radiohead, other than it was a dream come true. I have had a dream of dancing with Thom Yorke and I felt like that dream was fulfilled!   

Also Thom had a ponytail and the night before the concert my friend Lauren and I were talking about how attractive ponytails on males can be (high five Lauren). 

1.        Bloom
2.       15 Step
3.       Airbag
4.       Little by Little
5.        Myxomatosis
6.       The Gloaming
7.        Morning Mr. Magpie
8.       Pyramid Song
9.       The Daily Mail
10.     Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11.      Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box (debut en la gira)
12.     Identikit
13.     Lotus Flower
14.     There There
15.     Feral
16.     Idioteque
17.     How to Disappear Completely
18.     Kid A
19.     Lucky
20.    Bodysnatchers
21.     Give up the Ghost
22.    Reckoner
23.    Paranoid Android

Monday, March 5, 2012


I did some rearranging at my home. I got a new TV and had to get a new TV stand. I also finally got around to painting the hutch my mom found at a garage sale.

Which also meant I got to go shopping for new nobs. I first went to Anthropologie but they did not have the right size handles so I ended up getting them at Hobby Lobby.

The desk I am using as a TV stand was in Debbie's basement so although I changed everything it was mostly just rearranging things I had or someone in family had.