Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Treasures @ Debbie's Part 2

I have been house sitting for my sister Debbie this past week. I wanted to share some of the cool treasures I love in her house.
The rotary phone was my grandmothers who preferred using that phone till she died. I also saw that Debbie had my grandmothers brush, it was crazy how just seeing it brought back the smell of her bathroom. I found the swim cap when getting read for a swim. Here are a couple of dresses I tried on but forgot to post about, I loved the red buttons that looked like lady bugs sitting on my shoulder.  No matter how much I love all the little treasures in Debbie's house I am excited to have the real treasures back (yes I just did that). 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Treasures @ Debbie's Part 1

Today I played dress up in Debbie's vintage clothing. She sells them at her shops name is debsfreckles. This is only a few from one closet there is another which I will explore later.

The last dress was my favorite it made me feel like Grace Kelly. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Here It For The Boys

I don't get comments from male readers so I assume I don't have any. But I would like to all the same wish them all a happy fathers day. Especially my own wonderful perfect for me, father.

Last night my family went out to eat at Monti's steakhouse in downtown Tempe, you can see the old Mill behind my dad and I. It was fun to celebrate my dad and my brothers, I am grateful to be surrounded and supported by these great men.
(I am wearing heals, my dad is not short)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stars Moon & Snow

I have been following Diana Peterfreund's blog for years and one of the reasons is that Diana and I have something in common, Persuasion is both our favorite Jane Austen novel. I am not sure how long ago she announced that she was writing a modern adaption to Persuasion, but it seems like I have been waiting forever for this book. It is more than just a modern retelling it is a post apocalyptic retelling of Persuasion. Retellings can be tricky they need to follow the story enough but also be their own as well and I think Diana did a fantastic job of creating very similar feelings and yet making the characters new.  
I knew it was a bad idea to start reading it right before bed and I was right because suddenly it was 3 a.m. and I really did try and go to sleep but I couldn't my mind was racing and I was too awake. I finished the book with the sunrise that morning and managed to sneak a couple hours of sleep. It was totally worth it!  

When I stopped at the bookstore to pick up For Darkness Shows the Stars, I also saw they had new paperbacks for Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone which have a sneak preview of the sequel due this fall. Days of Blood & Starlight. I sat down right there in the store and read it, my heart could almost not handle it. Counting down the days till fall!

I also saw Moonrise Kingdom and laughed a lot. Wes Anderson's attention to detail is so amazing, I now have a new movie house I want to live in. I also wish I could read all of Suzy's books here is a little glimpse of the lovely books. 

Let's not forget that I have seen Snow White and the Huntsman twice and would gladly see it a third and fourth.
I noticed Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek and who didn't notice him in Thor? But having a crush on him just seemed too excessive (click on the link for Thor to understand). But after seeing him in Snow White with his brown hair (not a fan of blonde hair) and Scottish accent, I would now like to welcome him to my collection of fictional boyfriends. I would also like to mention that the studio is committed to writing a script for a second Snow White, if they can do it right I hope they will make it I loved the world. 
Also I want a fairy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Les Miserables

I kept seeing things about the casting for the new Les Miserables movie but didn't pay to much attention not wanting to get my hopes up. I am not sure what I was expecting when I watched the teaser trailer but it wasn't this...

I must have watched it ten times, at first I thought Anne's voice could have been stronger but I now like that it is more real instead of Broadway, I think it is fitting for the movie. I didn't just stop with the trailer I went and watched several more videos.
Didn't seeing Eponine standing in the rain just make your heart hurt?

She was Eponine in the 25th anniversary special and I like her more than some Eponie's I found this video of her performing A Little Fall of Rain

But I will admit that no one can compare to Lea Salonga she will always be my favorite Eponine.

I was so happy to see Lea on the 25th anniversary playing Fantine

Also can I say how happy I am about the fact that Helena Bonham Carter will we playing Madame Thenardier aka the inn keepers wife! I guess I am going to be seeing two movies Christmas day.

The Best Kind of Weekend

Saturday was Stephanie Perkins signing (along with other authors)! I picked Debbie up and she had made lunch for us to eat in the car, little asparagus pizzas. She also held the plate like that for me while we drove to Phoenix. She really is the best sister. 
After the panel all the authors taught classes on things other than writing novels. Steph and Matt de la Pena divided the room and then helped us write a love song. 
Debbie and I were sitting on Matt's side of the room and our group wrote a verse about teenagers finding love in the library. It took us awhile to agree on things because everyone had good ideas but I really liked the final product, I wish I would have taken the lyrics home with me. I can only remember a line from the song but it was about a girl at the library looking for the cute boy she sees there she gets sad when she doesn't see him but turns around and runs right into him. And I am sure there was some kissing in the library later :).
The cute girls in the picture sang it for us and did a really good job. And later we gushed about Stephanie's books together!

Lisa McMann taught us about food display and then did a competition to see who did the best, this is Debbie's plate after we ate some.
Here is my cute friend Jen talking to Steph during the signing.
And here Debbie and I are with Steph, in a very happy making picture!

Sunday when I went to my parents for our regular Sunday dinner I got a surprise from my brother & sister in law who went to Harry Potter land! I am one happy girl!

Monday Debbie, Stephanie and I attempted to go see a movie but being a holiday we ended up shopping instead. After we met up with Mimi for an early dinner/late lunch. It was so much fun to be real life friends!