Wednesday, November 23, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

A woman at church once had us write down a list of our favorite things, I wrote a new list of some of my favorites and things I am grateful for.
I transferred the list to a site that makes word collages. I thought I had Family down but left it off, I have my nieces, nephews, mom & dad but left off my brothers (who deserve a huge thank you for helping me move my parents I mean my piano to my home) my sister, sister in laws and brother in law I love you all, more than words can say.

I also would like to say how excited I am that I will be seeing Radiohead in a few months!!! Every time a Radiohead song comes on (at least once a day) I get a huge grin on my face.

Sometimes I pretend I am the bear. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snow Season

I always wonder why it is that things seem to come in waves, it wasn't that long ago everywhere I turned I saw Alice in Wonderland. Now it is Snow White...

ABC has a new series called Once Upon a Time and Ginnifer Goodwin is playing Snow White one of the main characters on the show.

There are two movies coming out as well.
Snow White and the Huntsman

and Mirror Mirror which is a comedy

I am thinking the movie minus Julia Roberts plus this guy (Chris Hemsworth aka Thor)
AND a Hot British Male in it (Sam Claflin)
will be the one I like best.

Unrelated (other than Gale is brothers with Thor) I hope you all saw the trailer for The Hunger Games!

Monday, November 7, 2011

UK Loving

First I just need to say that I listened to No Light, No Light by Florence & The Machine three times in a row while driving to my parents yesterday.
No Light No Light by uidnewmediaberlin

I have listened to Shake It Out a lot as well.

I like that the music video is a less creepy version of THIS video.

Second I need to confess that I have watched some Doctor Who at least two episodes from each season (spoiler). Well of the newer Doctor Who, oh and I have not seen any of the current season. I was hesitant to watch the show first because the only thing I knew about it besides being a long running show on the BBC was that Ricky Gervais on Extra's did not want to play an Alien on the show.

But I kept seeing and hearing things that got me curious.
And after Community did a spoof on Doctor Who or should I say Inspector Spacetime, how could I not.


Their fake British accents kill me! Speaking of fake accents the episode of Doctor Who where they go to New York and you get to hear British actors doing New York accents is pretty awesome. Actually Andrew Garfield (future Spiderman) did pretty good with his southern accent.

Guess what I have realized, for the majority of our stay in London we were by the Earl's Court tube station and guess what was out right in front. Oh just the Tardis...
Also I saw an episode that had Harry Lloyd who I met while in London after seeing him in a play.

Boom, that practically makes me married to David Tennant.
I always love when he puts on his glasses.
The show can be silly but in an entertaining and fun way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potter Party

A year ago I gave William the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and can I just say my plan worked out brilliantly!
This year William invited a few close friends to his Harry Potter birthday party. There was way to much awesomeness for me to document so I will just share a few pictures. Keep an eye out at Debbie's blog for a full report.

The Quidditch Pitch

This is just Debbie's pomegranate tree, it made me happy so I took a picture. 

I saw this lady made a Marauders Map of her house for a party & William is obsessed with maps so I stole her design and made one for the kids. My hand hurt the next day, it was a lot of writing, but totally worth it.

Here is Professor Snape & Professor Joe teaching Potions.

The surprise of the night was when William got the Elder Wand he was literally speechless, finally a little dazed William said "it's good." 
My favorite part of the party was when I was pretending to be Professor McGonagall I was speaking with a British accent (I know it should have been Scottish but it was impromptu) then for the rest of the night when he was thinking about it William also spoke with a British accent. It melted my UK loving heart!

Here is Gracie playing with the potions kit I gave to William for his birthday.

Joseph loved it as well. I bought the box at Hobby Lobby and painted it myself & found all the bottles, jar & little caldron at thrift stores. Yes I did know the kids would want to drink out of them don't worry I washed them.