Thursday, March 4, 2010

Four ~ Feb 19th

We got on the tube that morning and it was still a little crowded so we got in and stood with the other passengers. The thing about the tube is no one talks and the silence is deafening. I felt like the guy from this clip from sliding doors, the movie is about what would happen if Gwyneth Paltrow's character didn't miss the train so ignore the bit about the hospital.

So we were on the tube and it was silent and a guy smelled really good. So I said to my friends "um someone smells good." and a cute boy smiled at me, I assume it was him that smelled good. Chelsea & Mimi laughed at my awkwardness. Chelsea then said "this chick" which only made the cute boy smile more. I am glad that my inability to be quiet on the tube only seemed to amuse people. I did really try not to talk but the silence was just to painful.

The day before when buying tickets Chelsea asked what was the best things to see. He told us what we were seeing, The Little Dog Laughed & Billy Elliot. So we went back and bought tickets for Billy Elliot the next morning. This time we stopped by Jude Laws hands to take a picture.

We then headed over to the bus stop to try our bus tour again. We had better luck this day, a covered bus and a tour guide who was awesome. Seriously the older gentleman would gesture with his hands, do dramatic pauses & would raise his voice to frightening volumes. In fact it was very much like having Sir Ian be our tour guide...notice how he uses his hands, his inflection & pauses.

See don't we look entertained? While we were at a stop the bus was getting filled up so we decided to scoot together to let someone sit by us. The young mother was going to sit by us when an attractive young man said no no I will. I think he was as happy to be sitting & listening to American girls as much as would have been if we got to sit next & listen to English guys back home. And no he was not married to the young mother, the little girl called him by his first name.

After we made our rounds we got off and went to do some shopping, we went through Soho.
And Chelsea introduced us to Topshop a store she loves. I did find a headband/ear muff which I was in desperate need of. As you can see from the above picture it was a very windy cold day.

After we were done shopping we walked down to the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch or early dinner. We browsed the store & while there Just Like Heaven by The Cure came on. One of the workers started singing along he looked at Chelsea and me to join in so we started singing along, it was fun. It is funny because people in England are not really friendly or talkative but at the Hard Rock they have the staff be more like American waiters asking us how we are, were we are from and so on.

After dinner we walked down to Buckingham Palace.

Then walked through Green Park, Chelsea's favorite park in London.

Took the tube home, freshened up and then headed out for Billy Elliot.

I don't think I can give a fair review of this musical, as I was in fact extremely tired and had a hard time understanding their accents. There was one dance number that was spectacular but other than that I don't remember all that much.

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