Monday, June 30, 2008

Ode to Travis

This is the cover of Travis's new EP J. Smith, artwork done by Fran Healy. I have had their new song J Smith for a little while now but I just went and purchased the songs on the EP today. I have to say I am very excited for the whole album. The song I added to my playlist is J. Smith and if anyone is interested in reading some of the history of the song you can go here to read Fran's blog.

Here are a few highlights: " Dougie then picked up the bass line like he'd been practicing it all week yet he hadn't heard this ever. It was weird. With the bass and drums locked in, the rest of the song began to roll out, lyrics and all. Andy arrived in the middle of this and casually switched his amp on and sat listening for a couple of minutes before doing his first screetch on guitar, kind of Jimmy Hendrix vibe, sparse then picking it up with some really gentle arrpegio to later unleash the beast that has been locked away since the solo of All I Want To Do Is Rock. "

"Such a lot happens in this song in a very short space of time. The main body of the song is 2 and a half minutes and the outro takes it to 3 minutes... and it leaves everyone that has heard it with the same puzzled face. Luke from the Kooks said it was mental. Paul McCartney said it sounded like nothing else we had done."

Just go to 1:40 how it builds until they top it off with the choir singing. I love it.

Just in case anyone wanted to hear these lovely chaps’ accents here they are guessing ringtones.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Death Cab Concert

Thursday June 19th 2008 I went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert at Mesa Amphitheater. Now I don't mind 110 and plus weather but I do feel bad for bands and wonder if they knew what they were getting themselves into. The lead singer mentioned that while singing he was imagining himself baking like a pizza or something and how he was almost all cooked and we could all eat him. The concert was very mellow with a friendly crowd. I even had a tall guy ask if I wanted to switch places with him, I was so shocked by his consideration that I told him he was going to make me cry. It was a good time. Here is the playlist: Here are some pictures:


Sunday, June 15, 2008


There are so many things that I love about my dad here are a few:
~ When he laughs at his own jokes
~ His dance/dancing the twist with him & Debbie
~ Watching him play with the grandkids
~ His Generosity
~ How he never missed any of my games back in the day
~ His love of ASU sports/attending the ASU games with him
~ His love of music/movies
~ His love for his history and history in general
~ His crossword skills
~ His empathy for others - and how it often makes him cry