Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Europe Countdown

We leave for London in a week!!!
I was thinking about how at comic con I ran into an Irish boy and batted my eyes at him & how I think I am going to be doing a lot of eye blinking next week. This should make Mimi happy because she seems to think I blink like Zooey or at least how Summer does in that scene about the Summer effect in 500 Days of Summer.

First up is London
Then we are off to Paris

Then we head over to be sucked into a Scottish Vacuum of Charm

Man it doesn't even seem real.


  1. after "clocks" its hard to understand a word! its FANTASTIC!

  2. London is so awesome. I want to go back now.

  3. Connie, you don't just blink like Zooey. I think the resemblance on the whole is striking! I can't believe I never noticed it before.
    I'll bet if you try, you could convince a few Europeaan concierges that you are her and get some royal treatment!