Friday, November 6, 2009

Mimi (sorry this took me all day to write)

About two and a half years ago I saw Mimi at a party and I invited her to read a book and come to a party with a theme of that book. Up until that point we had never really been anything more than acquaintances because of mutual friends. I don’t think anyone could have guessed what would have come from that little conversation. The friendship that came seemed to take everyone by surprise, including ourselves. (Well maybe not Debbie, she only ever seemed happy)
When I think about all the things Mimi & I have done in the last two and a half years, it seems like we must have been making up for lost time because really we have had some awesome times and made some amazing memories.
We have been to California three times.(Comic Con twice, Disneyland, Beach)
We have seen Muse, Vampire Weekend, & Band of Skulls in concert.
Gone to several book signings (Stephenie Meyer twice, Janette Rallison, Scott Westerfeld, James Dashner & don't forget everyone at Project Book Babe)
I helped Mimi make two winning stop motion videos
We are also our own little book club and have read around 50 books in the last two and a half years. (I wonder how many trips to the Library we have taken?)
It is getting late and I am already posting this a day late but I kind of want to figure out how many movies we have seen as well.
Oh and how can I forget about Pie Night? We had so much fun getting together and watching Pushing Daises and eating pie (with Debbie and Russ of course).
I posted links to the blog posts but there were a couple pictures that were not a part of the original blog posts...Here Mimi & I are at The Breaking Dawn concert if you look three seats down from us you will see the director of Twilight Catherine Hardwick.

I took this picture from the Project Book Babes photos, yep just us hanging with Steph.

Mimi I know it took us awhile to wise up and become friends but it was totally worth the wait. You are the friend I never knew I always needed, thank you for blessing my life and making me laugh every time we talk. Happy Birthday (her b-day was Friday Nov 6th)
Oh and in case you didn't know we are going to LONDON BABY Feb 2010!!! Huzzah!!!


  1. London!!! You guys are going to have so much fun!

  2. What a sweet story. Happy Belated Birthday, Mimi!

  3. Happy birthday to Mimi indeed. You know how I feel about you and Mimi's friendship... :)

  4. Connie. I love you. I hope that wasn't scary to hear. And i love my song sooo much. it'll always remind me of.... well you know.