Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Two - Beach aka Power Hour

Friday started with breakfast at Millie's then Mimi & I dropped Britt and her friends off at Disneyland (I didn't think I wanted to do 2 days of Disneyland). After Mimi and I got ready and then headed off to the beach. We decided to take the closest freeway to the closest beach which happened to be Hermosa.

After picking a spot on the beach we headed down to the water. At first just putting our feet in and slowly going farther out. The under current was crazy strong I had never felt it tug at my feet so hard before. Mimi mentioned that we were probably in a surfer only spot since there was no one else swimming. So we found some flags that looked to mark the end of the surfing only area and headed down there. We were getting in to about our waist when we heard someone yelling to us. We weren't the only ones who heard the 18 year old life guard yelling at us. He then came up to tell us that there was a very strong undercurrent (no kidding, I couldn't tell) and that we were still in the surf only area. With our heads hung (I hate getting in trouble) we walked past the guys playing football and headed down the beach to were there were less people.

Once we got all the way in, the water was great I wasn't cold at all. We soon started to play in the waves and soon would get swept away and rolled around until the tide swept us a shore. When I would finally stop I would look over at Mimi both of us holding on to our swim wear so we would not loose it and just laugh at each other. We would then get up and try again, we even tried body surfing which was not a good idea at all. At one point Mimi got swept under came up only to get swept under again. I was trying to watch for her to make sure she did not get swept to far, when bam something slammed hard into my shins (I may or may not have sworn). It took me a second to realize it was probably Mimi that had ran into me and right then she sat up. We both laughed and laughed. That may have been when I lost my footing and got pulled along and scrapped up my leg. We then tried to get the sand out of our hair and decided we needed a break.

After sitting for awhile we both realized our toes hurt from trying to dig into the sand and not get swept away. It was crazy only after an hour of playing we felt like we had been playing in water all day. We went to the showers and could not believe the amount of sand that was everywhere. We both ended up taking two turns each. After we sat on the beach laughed some more as we dried off. When leaving the beach a good looking guy in a Mercedes SUV pulled up and asked if we were leaving we said we were he then told us he was just going to hang out and wait while we loaded the car and changed. When we pulled out I yelled bye Coop, all good looking guys driving in California will now be named Coop.

By the time we were heading back it was dinner time and I was hungry so we were looking for a place to eat when Mimi saw a Mall with an AMC theater. We had talked about seeing 500 Days of Summer since we did not think it was playing in Arizona. Alas that theater was not playing it and there was nothing else so we walked over to the Red Robins in basically pajamas no make up and our hair all messy from air drying. But apparently gross old guys like that look Mimi said one was trying to catch my eye. I don't know how old or how gross I didn't see and didn't ask Mimi because I did not want to know, yuck.

After dinner we went back to the hotel got a newspaper found the closest theater playing the movie got directions. And after showering and getting dressed we drove to Edward's Theater it was on a campus in Irvine I think. When we got there the show was sold out, there was a later showing but Britt had text saying that Disneyland was closing early so we would be to late to pick them up. When we got back (it was like a 20 min drive) Britt text saying she was wrong and Disneyland did not close early. I was pretty sad we missed seeing 500 Days of Summer especially since I didn't know it was playing in AZ. But I was pretty happy about getting back to the hotel and being able to sleep.

But it all ended well since when we got back we found out it was playing. Debbie, Mimi, Britt and I went and saw it Tuesday. And let me just say it is true when the trailer warns you this is not a love story but all the same I loved it. I laughed so hard and really just thought it was perfect. I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over.

I have been told a few times that I look like Zooey both Mimi & Debbie agreed and during the movie there is this part where Zooey is sitting at a bar and a guy who was credited as douche (sorry mom) came up and started hitting on Summer (aka Zooey's character) and Summer is pretty matter of fact to this guy. I didn't think she was being rude, others might have. Right then Britt leans over and says she even acts like you. The whole movie as I would look at Zooey I was thinking we don't look anything alike. Then when we step outside the theater Mimi and Debbie commented on how we do look alike, I disagreed but Mimi argued that I blink like her. Which made me laugh and I responded with "well I guess I don't know since it is impossible for me to see myself blink."


  1. of all the days, i wish we could do beach day again. so much funny.

  2. That's funny Connie, I get told I look like Zooey and Reese as well. I used to get Heather Graham a lot too. We must have some of the same genes.