Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going Hollywood

Monday was the Premier for Wolverine. I went over to Debbie's to get ready and to help her with her hair. It took me a few tries but I am happy with the turn out. Here we are driving to the premier.
Once we got to the theater we met up with our brothers Eric and Ryan then got our wrist bands.
Here we are dressed up for the show. We didn't get there early enough to get close to the stage and see the stars arrive. But we were able to get close to the red carpet and watch as they made their way down to the theater. While waiting for the stars Debbie started taking some photos at first glance it looks like Debbie has got some crazy hair. We kept laughing about it, we took another photo this time it is Mimi's hair.

Britt & Amber

There were two short ladies in front of us so basically it was like there was no one there at all. But we could not see down the red carpet and everyone wanted to know who was coming so I jumped up on a foot high ash try and announced to everyone who was making their way down the carpet, like an announcer on a sports show, giving a play by play.

Our local celebrity Alice Cooper

Ryan Reynolds was the first star to make it down the red carpet. See how short the two blonds in front of us are. Notice Mimi's hand holding her shirt & marker in the top right corner.

These picture are from mine & Debbie's camera so that is why there are so many.

Mimi pointed out how it looks like the woman in the picture is crying, I think she is just sad to watch him walk on by.

The Director Gavin Hood (above)

Lynn Collins - The female lead Kayla Silverfox (above in yellow)

Liev Schreiber who plays Sabretooth came by and was very nice, Debbie even got him to sign my little note pad.

I announced that some football players were coming. I guess he plays for the Cardinals and that his first name if I remember after being told a few times is Steve.

While we were waiting for the stars to walk the red carpet people were asking what I could see. I told them I could see a big blonde woman, not that she was big just her hair. They then asked who she was. I hate when people ask me questions that they know I don't know the answer to.

Will i am from the Black Eyed Peas who plays John Wraith

Taylor Kitsch who plays Gambit...I love me some Gambit

Here is Hugh coming down the carpet..see how he was surrounded by people

Going down the red carpet

And he was gone...

After that I headed off to go put our cell phones and cameras in the car. They had security with metal detectors and more checking bags. When Eric and I got the tickets we went to different windows and our tickets were for different theaters. Debbie was saving me a seat when I got back, pretty soon the lights went down and the 20th Century Fox music started to play. It was kind of cool to watch a movie with out any ads or previews before.

The movie is about Wolverine from the time he discovers his mutant ability or claws as a young boy to about 15 years before the first X-Men takes place, that is just a guess on my part. All the X-Men fans will be excited to see Gambit, but don't expect him to show up until later in the movie. Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic job as Wade/Deadpool, very funny and man he is so fantastically hot. And speaking of hot I am going to warn you all Hugh Jackman is nakie for a good little chunk of the movie, man alive he is beautiful. The only other warning I will give is you might want to hang around after the credits.


  1. i could look at these pictures over and over and over... oh wait... i do!

  2. Nice job and it's about time! :) I love this: "man alive he is beautiful". You crack me up. Glad you had a good time!