Friday, July 25, 2008

Biggest Fan

Wednesday night July 23rd 2008 Mimi & I drove down to San Diego to go to Comic Con. Now if you are like me you probably do not know what Comic Con is. It is a comic book convention, you know where you see people dressed up like characters from Star Wars & Star Trek and Super Heroes. No I did not dress up as anything, those who do dress up are the minority. Thankfully there is more to it than comic books. They show Trailers or sneak peeks for up coming movies and then have panels with the actors, directors, and producers. Basically all day Thursday I got to watch movie trailers and then hear the actors directors and producers talk about the movies. It was almost heaven.

Here was the line up:
The first panel of the day was for the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still with actors Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Connelly, director Scott Derrickson, and producer Erwin Stoff.
Highlight: Keanu was actually pretty funny, he even made a joke about him playing an alien with little personality.

The second panel was for Max Payne with actors Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Ludacris, and director John Moore.

Highlight: Mark was also funny he cracked a joke about New Kids on the Block reunion. Later he had everyone laughing again and he was even laughing and actually snorted which only made everyone laugh harder.

Surprise Visit...Hugh Jackman flew in from Australia and brought some clips of Wolverine which they had just finished shooting.

Now I may have never read a comic book before, but growing up I did watch X-Men the cartoon. My sister Debbie would and I would watch it with our brothers and we all had our favorite characters mine was Storm. I love the X-Men movies they were my favorite super hero movies until Batman Begins came out. The clips I saw of Wolverine look amazing it should be awesome.

Highlight: Hugh Jackman coming out and saying "I know what your thinking this guy is way too tall to play Wolverine."

Next up Summit had three movies they did panels for the first was for a movie called Push with actors Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou, Camilla Belle and director Paul McGuigan.
Highlight: Chris Evans was answering a question about the kind of movies he had played in and he used the word "Fantastical" to describe Fantastic Four. Everyone started to laugh someone told him what he said and he started to laugh and said hey I didn't go to college. Then he smiled his hollywood smile and said I am really good at this press thing.

Their second panel was for a movie called Knowing—Director Alex Proyas appears in person to introduce never-before-seen footage for his new major motion picture starring Nicolas Cage.

And of course their third and last movie was Twilight. The panel consisted of Director Catherine Hardwicke, author Stephenie Meyer, and the cast—including Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Cam Gigandet (James), Rachelle LaFevre (Victoria), Edi Gathegi (Laurant), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob)

Highlights: When Robert Pattinson (Edward) was told by a screaming fan that she loved him his response was "good". Catherine Hardwick (director) announced that they did get a Muse song for the movie!!!

Disney: Race to Witch Mountain, Stars Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino and director Andy Fickman

This was a fun panel the director was very funny and Dwayne was hilarious and very charming.

Dark Castle: Ninja Assassin, Rain, Naomie Harris & director James McTeigue.

Since I had never seen or heard of Rain (Korean singer, dancer, model and actor) I did not know that I loved him but now I think I do. When asked by a fan why he decided to do American films he answered "the girls".

Rocknrolla staring Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris, Idris Elba, director & writer Guy Ritchie & producer Joel Silver.

Highlight: Gerard told a crazy woman dressed up like a queen or something that she was weird.

All in all the day was great there were two panels I did not mention because they sucked one was about a horror movie but at least it was short. The second was for a animated video called Wolverine vs Hulk. I don't know how long the video was but I honestly thought I was going to die, or at least wished I would. I now know how my friend Brent felt when we saw Enchanted and he said he wished he had brought his fork from dinner to gauge his eyes out. But I don't feel like I can complain too much about it since I was at a comic book convention. But it really was a great day and I loved to see the actors be nervous, tongue tied, gracious and just human.

Here are some pictures of people in costumes, because it just would not be comic con with out them.
These are the ghost busters it appears they are having some sort of prayer circle..


  1. It looks and sounds like you guys had a blast. :) Maybe we can all go next year or something. Do you love Mark Wahlberg so much more now? I would.

  2. I would go again, and yes Mark Wahlerg will forever hold a special place in my heart now.


    I wish I could have gone... if only to hear the insane squeeling ;)

    I am cracking up over the Ghost Busters prayer circle.


  4. Wow...I made it on Connie's blog. Nice. used a Voxtrot song. Also nice.

  5. That sounds so awesome! What a cool experience. I loved the highlights!

  6. That sounds like a blast!! Of course I would have been the one screaming I love you! to Robert Pattison JUST KIDDING....but I am way excited about the movie in dec. i didn't have a clue what comicon was either until a few days ago. thatnks for sharing the fun!!!