Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

I went out early to go see if my mom needed any help with making dinner, I did help a little but got distracted with my nieces and nephews. I was outside with William and I was trying to get a picture of him but he turn and ran. I actually love this photo anyway...

Once William heard the door bell he was gone to see which of his cousins were there...
Here are William and Marie talking...I think William is showing Marie a toy spider...
Here are Anna & William hugging, and not because anyone told them too just because they are happy to see eachother...

Hugs all around, aren't they so sweet.

Grandma (my mom) did not only make an entire Thanksgiving dinner, turkey, ham, mashpotatoes, gravy, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, salad, rolls, veggie tray, corn, green beans, mashed sweet potatos, apricot glaze for the turkey & all the pies (cherry, peacan, pumpkin, chocolate, & butterscotch). She also made sugar cookies for the grandkids so they could make Turkey cookies before dinner. (Does anyone doubt were Debbie gets it?)



Later I was watching Sleeping Beauty with Gracie. Of course during the song Once Upon A Dream we were dancing. After we sat down right in front of the TV. Gracie soon got up and climbed on my back and decided she wanted to watch the rest of the movie like this...

After awhile she did not get down so I called Debbie to come see. I eventually got tired so I slowly stretched my legs out and got a little more comfortable all with Gracie sitting on my back. I sure do love my nieces and nephews, and all my family too.

Just as a side not here are the Face Punch bags, you may have heard me talking about. My friends and I made them for the New Moon Premier. If you have seen the movie you may get what the bags are in reference to. But the real question is how did we know before the movie came out?
Here I am with my friend Melissa and her sister Stephanie waiting for New Moon.


  1. Your mom really is super mom.

  2. I love the pictures. You're right -- you do have adorable nieces and nephews! (But maybe I'm a bit biased.) And yes, I think your mom takes the cake for best Thanksgiving dinner ever.