Thursday, October 15, 2009

French Lessons

Reasons I want to learn French

This may also be the reason I want to learn to disco dance.

I don't listen to Jack very much anymore but I still do think he is adorable with his surfer ways.

Fran may only be singing a French name the one time, but it still gets me and counts.

Don't worry he sings more French words in this one.

Maybe the above songs made me start listening to full length French songs. I was listening to them in the car and Debbie said "I can't understand what they are saying."

Such a sweet video


I am so happy to add Muse to my list, sigh. Muse, I do I belong to you.


  1. Awesome. It is obvious that they are singing in french now but then it just sounded like they had a serious case of the mumbles. Russ really likes the blonde with the sweet, sexy voice (even tho it is in french - he doesn't like french and he is telling me to type all this:)(he didn't want me to do the smiley face). He listened to it twice. In the muse song the french is my least favorite part. But I LOVE that song!

  2. I love French! I took it in high school. The only thing I can remember is--I play tennis. Je joue au tennis. Which is kind of silly, because...I don't :)

  3. Oh, I ADORED the one from Coeur de Pirate! Sweet is right. That kiss! I'd never heard of her (them?) before. And, of course, gotta love Bret & Jemaine. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful videos.

    I've been listening to a LOT of French music for the last few years, for obvious reasons! My favorite bands that sing in French are:

    The Hellboys (they sing in both French and English — but their singer died a few years ago, so sad)
    Les Shades
    The Plasticines

    All three are rock and roll meets punk. The BEST French punk album is the Paris Calling compilation. If you have any interest in punk, check it out.

    And my favorite French band that sings in English is Phoenix. Are you familiar with their work? I think you might like their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. It has a similar sound to some of the musicians here.

  4. Debbie - In your defense we were talking and not really listening. It was just funny. And it is true the french part not the best part of the song. PS - I love you guys.

    Tina - I got some CD's from the library to learn French. Maybe someday.

    Stephanie - Thank you I am excited to look into your suggestions. I really like Phoenix, and was sad that they weren't coming here on tour. Why wouldn't they come to Phoenix it just seems weird. :)