Friday, August 8, 2008

Magic Trick

Late this past Tuesday night Mimi & I decided that we wanted to go to the Breaking Dawn Concert/Signing in Los Angeles that was Thursday night. Did I mention that the tickets sold out with in the first 45 minuets. When I got home I emailed a few people I knew who were going to see if they or anyone they knew were selling tickets. I also checked out eBay and Craig’s list but there were only a few tickets for sell and they were going from anywhere from $90 to $150. The original price was $20 probably $35 with taxes and fees. Wednesday morning I had a few leads by lunch I was down to two, neither where looking very promising. By late afternoon I decided to pull out a magic trick and bippidi bobbidi boo and next thing you know it is Thursday Morning and Mimi & I are off to Los Angeles.

Our seats were amazing in fact they were so amazing we were sitting with Catherine Hardwicke.

Catherine who? You ask. Catherine Hardwicke the Director of the up coming Twilight movie. I believe the woman next to Catherine is also the Producer.

Sorry the picture is so bad but I used my camera phone so I could text it to a friend. Catherine is the blonde, you can see the people lining up to get her autograph.

Mimi & I waiting for the show. This was not a regular signing it was an actual concert. Justin Furstenfeld the lead singer from Blue October started off by playing a couple songs.
Then Stephenie came out and they did a Q & A there were some good questions but some that were repeated. I really wish people would do some research before they asked questions. After Justin came back out and Stephenie & Justin talked about the songs she had picked for her playlists for her books and Justin would play the song. Here is an example. I really enjoyed it even though I did not know Blue October before.

Then it was time for the signing, Stephenie was only signing one book and was not doing personalization so it was going pretty quick. I was debating saying anything or maybe just thank you since we did not have much time. But when I got up to her I asked "Did you ever get the Muse songs uploaded onto your ipod?" she paused for a second and then answered "yes I did thank you so much?" then she said "Oh your Jens friend. It is so nice to meet you." Who knows what I said something like thanks or your welcome. Anyway It was such a great night and the whole trip really did just work out like MAGIC!!!


  1. wow connie! it sounds like you are just livin' it up! what fun!!! i am a little envious! (like a lot)

  2. That is so cool that you were able to go to the concert. You are truly a die-hard fan. I love that Stephenie remembered you!

  3. I am, so jealous!!

  4. hey little next door neighbor connie! this is stephanie (potter) i found your blog from natalie's. you gotta be the cutest thing. i am so glad to have found your cute blog and see what you are up to.