Friday, July 31, 2009

Day Three - Disneyland

I told Mimi that I came to experience so I would just follow her lead. But that I would like to go on Splash Mountain & the other water ride at California Adventure.

First up was Space Mountain...

Then we head over to Splash Mountain where I had Britt & Shelby lean forward so we could get Amber soaked.

Here you can see how soaked Amber got. :)
Here are Britt with her friends Amber & Shelby getting ready to enter the Matterhorn.
And look I got to see Johnny Depp again, twice in the same weekend.
Mimi had been worried that the lines would be really long. But we got lucky and was able to move quickly and able to ride Screamer four times 3 or the 4 in the front even. Oh and Maliboomer three times.

We had dinner plans at Blue Bayou at 9pm needless to say I was very tired. While we were waiting I stepped outside to sit down and saw a pretty door and a pretty plant. I sat down to rest soon Mimi came out and was talking to me and freaked out when she saw a sign that said 33. She told me "Connie you found club 33".

I did not know what club 33 was so Mimi explained that it was a sort of secret club or exclusive club. I then pointed out a window where I saw a guy standing up above. The guy had moved away and Mimi pulled out my cell phone (hers was indisposed) to take a picture to send to her mom who had looked for the club for years. While Mimi was taking the picture I was still sitting down looking at the window...then I saw the guy in the tux again this time looking at us. I told Mimi who turned to look we both laughed and the guy who must have been a waiter or something started laughing with us or at us.

Here is the door to the secret/exclusive club of Disneyland.

The first day we went to Millie's I tried my hand at the IQ test they had at the table. I always ended with 3. The day we left we went to Millie's again, I was rather tired but decided to try it again and with Mimi watching look what I did...

I was so happy I even did my happy dance in my chair. A perfect end to a perfect trip!!

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