Friday, October 7, 2011

Spooky Scary

I stumbled upon a video of Ellen scaring her guests a few weeks ago and it made me laugh so hard I cried a little.

I think what I love most is how Ellen gets so much pleasure out of it! In my family we also enjoy scaring each other. My dad has a knack for knowing when to scare you in a movie. He made my mom bust her button on her skirt when they saw Frankenstein (I think that was the movie). My brother Mark likes to sneak up behind you and pull your chair so you think you are falling. Mark also started a kind of war with my mom by hiding  a fake cockroach around her house. It would go back and forth hiding in each others houses, and scaring each other. Who knows maybe they will keep up the tradition.
I hope you all have a wonderful October, with lots of pumpkins and scares. I have already had a pumpkin muffin, maybe I will get pumpkin shake this weekend!
And it just isn't Halloween with out a little Spooky Scary!


  1. OH my gosh, that was fun. The girls watched the clip too and said, "Why does she think that's funny?" Because it is!

  2. My friend Jenny B posted a comment and I accently deleted instead of published it, stupid phone...

    I think I watched Werewolf Bar Mitzvah 20 times just now.

    Sorry Jenny and yes I have also watched the clip countless times.