Wednesday, October 19, 2011

James Dashner - The Death Cure

I am so excited Melissa finally came to a book signing with me! We drove up to north Scottsdale to see James Dashner talk about the last book, The Death Cure in his Maze Runner series. I didn't mind the drive especially since I got to see one of my friends named Jen, who came with her son.
James is very informal and has a great dry sense of humor. He joked about loving Lord of the Rings more than his children. He would also go off on tangents like when asked about movie casting he joked about Justin Beiber and then went onto talk about "Beiber Fever Forever" and how he is actually a good basketball player.

He did a question answer and even told us some of his secret projects which I won't post about but if you want to know I would tell you. He did tell us a script has been written and that they are working on getting a director.

When it was time for the signing James spent time talking to the fans and even asking us questions. Melissa has finished reading while I am only on chapter six. So I stepped away so she could ask her spoilery question.

While leaving we ran into a fan who told everyone we could call him Thomas, I had wanted to get a picture of his shirt, which he made himself. Thomas also asked to get a picture with us his fans. After Melissa commented how fun it is to go somewhere and find your people.
While in line I got my books ready to be signed, sticking the flap of the dusk jacket to the appropriate page and sticking the sticky note with my name on it where it would be easy for him to see. It kind of blew the Barnes & Noble employee away, Melissa told her "this obviously isn't my first rodeo."
I had heard of James Dashner's book The Maze Runner while at a Changing Hands event and found out he was coming so I bought the book, read it, loved it and went to the signing for The Maze Runner the next week. I love that I was able to get my other books signed, it feels wrong to not have every book in a series signed.


  1. Dashner is fun, huh? I have a pic of Chad and I with James on Facebook and asked if anyone knew who 'this' was and I have gotten no response.
    Do me a favor, find it and gush about Dashner before he sees it and gets the nobody-knows-who-I-am blues. ;)

    Connie, I just love reading your book bits!
    Oh, and I just love you!

  2. Aaaaahhh. It was so much fun. I need to read more authors so I can go to more book signings. And now, I will steal your pictures. Thanks! ;-)

  3. I think I need to read these books. Also, I love the last sentence of this blog. You're funny.