Sunday, October 23, 2011


Next to my bed are three piles of books the first is my pile from the library, the second is books I have borrowed from friends & the last is books I have bought. The reason these books are in piles next my bed and not in the two bookshelves next to my bed is they are my to read/currently reading books.
(note these pictures are two month old the shelves already look different & I have another bookshelf in the living room)
I always feel guilty returning books to the library unread, hence why the piles are causing me to feel overwhelmed, which could be why I have been watching the tv series Wonderfalls instead of reading.

Wonderfalls was created by Brian Fuller before his Pushing Daisies days, but it only ran one season. Maybe I will talk about it on another post. But I will say that it does have these two gentlemen in it. 
I had never seen the guy on the right before but he was adorable & yes Lee Pace does wear his shirt buttoned very low in one of the episodes, and I didn't mind at all. Oh also the series ended with a Travis song, it could be love. 

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  1. I LOVE this post <3

    I do piles as well, and they taunt me. I keep going back to my library even though I have other piles to get through first :)

    Hope you have some awesome books in there :D