Monday, August 1, 2011

Gracie Girl

Saturday morning I got up to help Debbie get ready for Gracie's birthday. When I knocked Gracie answered the door, she was jumping up and down, so excited to tell me she was four. I was going to give Gracie a pre-party present it was suppose to be the Tangled soundtrack but I guess you can not just pick that up at Target or Walmart. But I saw some princess paper dolls and I loved paper dolls when I was little.

Here is Gracie with her "girls" she wanted them to all hold hands.

While Debbie was getting ready Gracie helped me add the rainbow & clouds to her cake. She told me she was going to sing a song for me & and proceeded to sing a beautiful song about me. I told her how I had always wanted someone to sing about me, well at least nice things about me. (I am looking at you Clint, singing that song about how I was the meanest girl you have ever known.)

Gracie wanted Tangled figurines for her birthday, this girl loves playing with figurines. Debbie was nice and let me give the easy thing.

Gracie also wanted a rainbow, what a four year old means when she says she wants a rainbow is anyone's guess. But Debbie found a wood rainbow that Gracie could paint and play with.
After getting Joseph dressed I saw this little hat and had to show Joseph how cute he looked in his little hat, front ways, sideways & backwards. I am not sure I will ever be able to give this little guy enough kisses.

After the party some of the family went to Liberty Market then to Krispy Kreme so Gracie could get her free birthday meal & donuts.
Mark was packing up the moving truck getting ready to move to Omaha for Law School. I asked Gracie if she could take a picture of Mark packing the truck, with out him knowing. She was sneaky like a little ninja.

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