Sunday, August 28, 2011

30 Rocks!!!

I was not feeling so good about turning 30, every time I would think "30" my heart would get a little tight. But thankfully I am very blessed to have people in my life who helped me completely forget about my twinges of anxiety.
My birthday was Thursday, I started off the day by receiving Hey Tell messages from William & Gracie telling & singing me happy birthday. I took the day off of work & spent the day with my mom & sister. My mom picked me up and we met Debbie, Gracie & Joseph at Liberty Market for breakfast.

Then we headed up to Last Chance to do some shopping. After we went to Le Grande Orange for lunch. Other than the heat the day was perfect we all found some clothes, ate good food and had fun just being with each other. Debbie also gave me my own personal Library Kit, thank you Pinterest! I have always wanted to be a librarian & now I get to! It was also the start of my "book birthday party".

Saturday night Debbie threw me a book birthday party. It was such a fun & cute party! I should have taken more picture of all the cute things but I did get a picture of my food. Which was a huge hit!

And my friend Jenny Bradford, made the most awesome birthday cake EVER!!! Those are all my favorite books, and I am still just so amazed, thank you Jenny!
My other friend also named Jenny but Whipple is her last name made me these paper cuts of pictures from my trip to Europe, again my mind was blown.

When Jenny got to the party she told Chelsea she would have to apologize to her later. I was confused since Jenny had never met Chelsea, but then we understood she had taken Chelsea out of the picture. Not that she hadn't tried, poor paper Chelsea just ended up looking like this...

I can not even begin to explain the laughing that went on over poor sad paper Chelsea. Then Chelsea said she looked like a death eater & you couldn't have a death eater in the picture. Which only made us all laugh more.

Debbie throwing a book party was pure genius, I mean look at all the pretty books I got!

I have to tell you about the book Melissa got me. It is a fifth edition of Pride & Prejudice Volume II printed in 1902 in London England! I just can't get over how pretty it is, I showed Debbie and she said the same thing, it is so pretty. It has pictures and can you see how uneven all the pages are? Melissa swears she did not spend a lot of money since it was only volume II but I love it, it starts with Darcy's proposal, just when things start to get good!

Mimi got me these adorable Jane Austen pocket pads, they are so tiny and perfect. I always carry notebooks to write notes in. Each book is after a dance in a book & each have a little dance card in the front. I always wanted a dance card.

When I got home I tried to decorate with the new HUGE London & Paris books Chelsea got me. They are so pretty and I stuck my cake topper in a bowl filled with black beans until I can get a shadow box to put them in to go besides these...

One of my friends named Jen wrote in my card that I was going to rock the 30's, and I have to say so far 30 has been pretty amazing! We had planned to make some book crafts, but once we get talking, there is no stopping us. I really had such a lovely time and felt so loved and grateful for such amazing friends. After everyone was gone and Debbie and I were relaxing on the couch after kind of helping clean up (thank you Russ you are made of awesome) I said to Debbie "I love all my friends". 


  1. I'm so happy you had a great 30th b-day! I love all the books and library stuff you got. My FAVORITE thing to do when I was young was to pretend I worked in a library. My sons have my childhood books which all contain my homemade checkout card in them. The 30's do rock. I think everything gets better with time.

  2. That sounded fabulous!
    I'm a little envious of your fabulous party and your wonderful gifts. So thoughtful. What great friends and family :)

  3. Everything about your 30th birthday was awesome. I love all the gifts (so awesome and unique!), the cake topper, etc. I'm so glad you liked the Jane Austen book. I was a little worried it would be lame, until James came home with and I saw how pretty it was. I SWEAR to you, it hardly cost anything at all. I couldn't believe it, actually. I'm so glad your "birthday week" rocked so hard. ;-)

  4. I am surprised and grateful you left out the dinner situation... ;)