Sunday, July 24, 2011

Austenland - The Movie

One of my favorite novels Austenland by Shannon Hale is getting made into a movie! I have always wanted it to be a movie and two years ago I heard hints that it was in the works & even more promising news a few months ago. Then on July 5th the announcement finally came with the cast as well. Here is the movie description taken from Fickle Fish Films Stephenie Meyers production company's site.

AUSTENLAND” is a romantic comedy about 30-something, single Jane Hayes, a seemingly normal young woman with a secret: her obsession with Mr. Darcy—as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice—is ruining her love life; no real man can compare. But when she decides to spend her life savings on a trip to an English resort catering to Austen-crazed women, Jane’s fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency-era gentleman suddenly become more real than she ever could have imagined.

The Cast (taken from Shannon's blog / IMDB)
First as Jane Hayes we have the lovelKeri Russell 

I use to watch Felicity back in the day and liked Keri from that. But more importantly she is from one of my favorite movies a Hallmark movie called The Magic of Ordinary Days. (I wish I could find a real trailer for the movie but can't, if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it)

Mr. Nobley is being played by JJ Feild who I found extremely charming as Mr. Tilney in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, here is a little taste.

Mr. Tilney is so sweet I was wondering if JJ can do the proud Darcy type, it looks promising.

I am also very excited to see him in Captian America.

Martin is being played by Bret McKenzi as in Bret yes THIS Bret

and this Bret

Let's not forget this Bret

Maybe one more he was in a music video for The Black Seeds called So True

Miss Charming - Jennifer Coolidge
Miss Charming was written for Jennifer Coolidge 
The first thing that will always come to mind when I think of Jennifer is snow peas. 
We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about. 
Colonel Andrews - James Callis
Was in Battlestar Galactica but more importantly Bridget Jones Diary (love connections to Colin Firth)
Mimi don't you think he looks a little like Desmond

Mrs. Wattlesbrook - Jane Seymour
Do I need to say anything more than Dr. Quinn?
Lady Amelia Heartwright is being played by Georgia King 

She played Rosamond (she loves St John) in the 2006 BBC miniseries Jane Eyre
She was also the mean girl in Wild Child not that I have seen that movie twice.

*Edit if you want more see my post More Austenland - The movie

First to understand why I love Austenland by Shannon Hale you need to understand why I love Pride & Prejudice. I am stealing from a post I did in October of 2007 called Liz On Top of the World.

When I was younger around the age of eleven or twelve I loved to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch whatever black and white movie PBS was playing. One night PBS played Pride & Prejudice (the 1940 version with Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier). I loved Elizabeth with her sharp whit & pert opinions and of course was smitten with Mr. Darcy. The funny thing was I had never heard of Pride & Prejudice and did not realize it was even based off a book. Then a few years latter the BBC version came out all 300 glorious minuets. It was incredible going from an almost two hour movie to a five hour movie. For Christmas the next year I asked for all of Jane Austen’s books. 

The description of Austenland from Shannon Hales website is as follows...

    Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker, but she has a secret. Her obsession with Mr. Darcy, as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, is ruining her love life: no real man can compare. But when a wealthy relative bequeaths her a trip to an English resort catering to Austen-crazed women, Jane’s fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency-era gentleman suddenly become realer than she ever could have imagined

It is true I love Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth I mean come on what other Austen hero in any of the movies can pull of those britches like Colin? (Not Mr. Knightly, you know what I am talking about Debbie)

*Edit if you want more see my post More Austenland - The movie there are also updates at Austenland Movie Fans tumblr.


  1. I love this post for so many reasons. First, I think of snow peas when I see Jennifer Coolidge too. Second, I LOVE that movie, The Magic of Ordinary Days! My mom and I watched it twice in one weekend and then I watched it with my mother-in-law the next weekend.Third, I have to read Austenland now. Thanks for the recomendation!

  2. Jenny that is why I love you! What I think is funny is everyone who I have loaned The Magic of Ordinary Days has shown it to their moms. I think Austenland is hilarious, I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I am so excited about this movie. I would never have even known about the book if you hadn't passed it on to me. Thanks for not letting me miss out on such a fun one!