Thursday, August 25, 2011

No! Frodo!

Remember when I talked about vlogging here? Well on Saturday I was watching Debbie's kids and when William walked in first thing he says to me is "I want to watch Lord of the Rings". They stayed with me a few weekends ago and sadly I don't have many toys, but William likes to play with my Legolas action figure.
And maybe I also let him play with my bow & arrow.
After asking I grabbed my Lord of the Rings and headed out to my moms house. There we watched the second half of the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring. It reminded me of one of my favorite vloggers Elmify's vlog called No! Frodo!.
If you don't want to watch the whole thing you can skip to about 1:50 where 14 year old Elmify is acting out a scene from Lord of the Rings and yells "No! Frodo". (But you should watch the whole thing because she is hilarious) Then last night I went over to Debbie's to watch the kids and guess what they were watching. If you guessed Two Towers, good job. Gracie was going crazy about Golum, who she calls the slimy guy, telling me she hates him when he is bad but loves him when he is good.
I showed Gracie & William the "No! Frodo! clip and they kept wanting to watch it again. 

I started writing this yesterday & decided to share the video with Ms. Elmify herself on twitter & guess who responded?!? You can also see her comment if you go to the youtube page. 

Today I would like to remind Lauren & Lindsey how much I would love for them to start a vlog! And since it was Lauren's birthday I have been remembering the trip we took to California the weekend of Lauren's 18th & my 21st birthdays. So if you need a subject for your vlog, there you go. Consider yourselves birthday challenged!

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