Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camping 2011 Edition

This is the fourth year our family has gone camping at Oak Creek Canyon just past Sedona and again it was great! We get to enjoy cooler weather, great food, each other & nature. 
You know what happens when you let your niece borrow your phone? It gets sticky finger prints on it & you get a lot of picture of her making funny faces. 

Unlike other years we interrupted our trip to go see the new & concluding Harry Potter movie. Here is William waiting to have his mind blown!

After the movie William was so excited he kept saying he was Harry Potter & was casting spells left and right.  My favorite was when we were walking out he went to a door and said "alohomora" which of course is the unlocking spell. 

I didn't take any picture except on my phone and only had it while going to the movie & didn't pull it out again till we were packing up to go home. To see more picture you can go and see Debbie's posts. Oak Creek Camping and The Creek

Is it just me or is this guy just to cute to handle?

I was so shocked the first time I handed him a wand he started to wave it around and jabber up a storm. 

Here is a video in case you missed it on facebook.
Gracie really is my best friend, she even slept in the tent trailer with Vaeh & I. She even told me about her plan for when she grows up to live with me. Debbie had told me she had told her but it made me smile to hear her say it. She even let me braid her hair, something she hardly ever lets me ever do. 

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  1. In regards to Joseph, no, it is not just you. He's ADORABLE.