Friday, October 19, 2012

New York Last Day

Our last day started with us getting up and singing happy birthday to Lindsey.
 Poor girl it was the saddest singing of happy birthday. Debbie had lost her voice and we had just woken up, oh it was not pretty, but sang with love! Oh and since Debbie had lost her voice she kept whispering and Lauren kept thinking she was telling secrets.
Then Lindsey Debbie and I headed to High Line Park where I was going to finally meet my author friend Elizabeth Eulberg! You can read more about how we became online friends here and here.
 It was so great to finally meet Elizabeth and she was even nicer and funnier than I expected which is saying a lot. Really she took time from her day to show not only me but my sister and friend around and we had such a good time.
 We sat and watched the traffic go by.

 We started at the end of the park so we ended up in the West Village and oh man it was gorgeous.

 Elizabeth pointed out some TV sights for us, the friends building.
 Carrie Bradshaw's front steps, which has a chain stopping people from going up.
 Then we found a little coffee shop Think Coffee that had good grilled cheese sandwiches and had an early lunch.
I was finally able to give Elizabeth her I heart Darcy pins that I have had since Prom & Prejudice came out back in Jan 2011.
 She signed my books! Debbie and I did carry on and yes I did have four books in mine! And did you notice the London fabric Lauren gave to me!

Then we headed back to Lauren's and it was time for Debbie and I to head home. It was a fast trip but I did see two rats (one on the street, the other in the subway) had a bum call me baby, so very successful and so much fun!

There were some funny things that I forgot to blog about before so I am going to mention them now so I can remember them later. 
~ Lindsey calling yahoo yay-hoo
~Debbie gasping when she found out The Black Keys were playing
~Looking for acorns at Ground Zero
~Lauren asking the cop if there were any eating facilities close by and Lindsey adding "or otherwise known as restaurants"

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  1. no,no,no Lindsey didn't say "yay-hoo" she said "yeah-hoo"
    And don't forget Laurens, ""