Monday, September 5, 2011

Coming Back Full Circle

While I was in Europe back in February 2010 I had some books on my mind, one of those books was Elizabeth Eulberg's The Lonely Hearts Club.

After my friends and I had crossed Abbey Road and got a look at Abbey Road Studios

we headed to The Beatles gift shop.

While in the shop I saw some buttons or badges as the British say for St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. 
(my library bag I mentioned in another post)
Which made me think of this lovely passage from The Lonely Hearts Club...

I bought badges not only for some friends and I, but one to send to Elizabeth as well. Then Elizabeth wrote Prom & Prejudice, which also went so well with my trip to Bath, and the I Heart Darcy badge I bought. 

While in Paris I had a book I had never read on my mind. I was so excited to read Stephanie Perkins debut novel Anna and the French Kiss and thought how awesome it would be to visit places then read about them. Can I just say what a genius I am, because it was not only awesome it was like making dreams come true before you even dream the dream. I am so lucky Stephanie is so nice and took the time to send us a list of places we should see, because it made Paris all the more special. 
For example I would have never gone to Shakespeare & Company book shop. But after going to Paris & reading Anna I often see pictures of Shakespeare & Co and see the picture above on the left and see people commenting on how they dream about going there. And look there I am in the chair in the famous book shop fulfilling a future dream. 
Both Elizabeth & Stephanie are on twitter and if you didn't already know I adore these woman. When I found out that there were going to be an a panel together I was wishing I could be in Georgia. But because these woman are awesome they fulfilled another wish for me and took a picture of them together. 

While in Europe I didn't buy a lot of things for myself but I saw the Lonely Hearts Club key chain and thought it would be a great way to remember my London trip and remember that "this lonely hearts club was the opposite of depressing. It was alive." After I got the beautiful "I left my heart in San Francisco" key chain from Stephanie I put it on my key chain and sent her this picture along with my thanks.
When things come around again in full circle, it just makes me feel a peace like good things do happen in the world and I am lucky to be apart of them. 


  1. Love this post.
    Makes me want to go and see these places.
    Makes me want to go and read these books (actually they are already on my TBR before this post)

    And I love Scott Pilgrim...but that is for another post.

  2. I love this: "it was not only awesome it was like making dreams come true before you even dream the dream."

  3. Oh, Connie! You are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I wish you were in the picture with us! <3

  4. Oh Connie, this post has made my day. YOU ARE AWESOME. Next time you MUST be with us. That's MY dream.

    XO, E

  5. Love this post! Your blog is amazing!! new follower!!

    -Em @ Sash & Em