Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Day 2 - Part 1 Brooklyn

Saturday morning we got up and got ready to go to the Brooklyn Flea Market. But stopped on our way to the Subway (I want to say Tube then Metro and finally I remember subway) we stopped by Levain Bakery and got some breakfast & I got a cookie for later as well! I would like to point out that Lauren noted how much blue, red & green I wear which I noticed myself it wasn't intentionally done they are just my favorite colors. It isn't very often that I am not wearing one of those shades. 
I got a raisin scone which I think had a stick of butter in it and it was wonderful, I didn't need chapstick all day.
Here we are waiting for the train and eating our breakfast, isn't that dirty subway wall appetizing?

Here we are on the train can you guess whose shoes are whose?
 I rather liked Brooklyn or at least the parts we walked through going and getting to the flea market.

 Can you spy Debbie in the photo?

The only thing I bought on the trip were these cups but Lindsey bought her son an adorable Brooklyn shirt and the seller has an etsy shop and I think I am going to get myself one. After the flea market we headed over to see about going to Grimaldi's I tried to get a picture of the craziness of the line but it was to long to show. We instead found another pizza place (Ignazio's) not as good BUT had a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge.
 Lindsey & Debbie getting ready to instagram the brooklyn bridge.
Here is the view they were capturing.

I had to carry around those cups all day!
The girls were all excited for the cookies I waited since I was saving my Levain cookie for later. 
 Next was walking the Brooklyn bridge back to Manhattan.
 The bridge was beautiful and mind boggling. Did you know it is the oldest suspension bridge in the US? It was completed in 1883

 And it has a fantastic view and look the sun decided to come out for us! Straight ahead is Governors Island and to the right is the Statue of Liberty.

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