Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Day 1 - Flying In

Debbie and I flew into JFK and took a cab to Harlem where our friend Lauren lives, she is going to law school at Columbia. (Do I sound like a proud mom when I say that cause I always feel that way.) That was my first time in a cab and our cab driver thought Arizona was a city when I told him where we were from. I don't expect foreigners to know where Arizona is but people living in the US, come on. 
 Our friend Lindsey was coming up from DC to complete our little girl weekend.
We decided to start our trip off with some good old soul food in Harlem. Where I was going to get some Chicken & Waffle but ended up getting the above waffle. I also saw a buddy holly look alike there. 
When we got back to Lauren's we were pretty tired we read magazine's painted nails, laughed and sort of mapped out the rest of our trip.

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