Monday, January 2, 2012

The White Elephant In The Room

Our family tried out a new tradition this year, we decided to do an adult dinner and then a white elephant gift exchange. Personally I stressed over picking what present to get. I had bought Warrior before my brothers decided to come over and watch it. But I wanted it to be funny as well, then I saw that Anthropologie had Emma with this quote on the back. True it probably wasn't funny to anyone but me but I thought it was funny. 

I am happy because Debbie & Ashley were fighting over it and I really wanted a gift people would want. While I watched Warrior with my brothers the night before I wrote all 16 numbers out (yep that is my parents, siblings and in laws).
 After dinner we all went back to my condo for presents and desert. But first Mark and Ashley asked if they could use my bed room, when they came out they were dressed like this...
Here is my other brother Ryan modeling one of the fake mustaches he got.
There was lots of laughing and fun to be had, I am already looking forward to next years!

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  1. I LOVE Mark's turtleneck!

    Merry Christmas Connie! I hope you have a GREAT new year!