Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Christmas Post

Christmas Eve my parents little brother Eric and I all went to Debbie's house where we had dinner then went and saw the Mesa Temple lights. 
My BFF wanted me to hold her (as usual) and she enjoyed telling everyone Merry Christmas!
After my parents and Eric headed home but I spent the night instead of waking up and just driving back over for Christmas morning. It was fun to help get everything ready for the morning.
The beginning of December Debbie called so stressed because she couldn't think of what she was going to do for the kids for Christmas, and I reminded her of things she wanted to do like a play house for the kids. Part of me wondered it would happen, and can I just say I am super impressed. 
Then we went in to open presents! Debbie has better pictures on her blog

Joe is just a pooh bear himself.
I helped Gracie make the Captain America shield and think it turned out great. 

After opening presents we went to church then headed for my mom's for breakfast lunch & opening more presents. Gracie helped me make the stuffed french toast she is such a little good helper. 

You guys would not even believe how excited I got about this steering wheel cover. My parents have one and I love it, I am so glad they remembered how much I wanted one. I also received a tiny porcelain tea set because if Grandma couldn't get one for each of the grand girls then the second best was aunt Connie.

Ain't no party like a tea party!

My cousin Amy sent us a link to a video of me, Debbie, my our cousins Chris & Steve singing "Everything I Do I Do it for You."
I would just like you all to see what a giant I was as a kid. My cousin Chris is six months older than me and I am like a head taller than him.
I am going to share the video but it is not all that embarrassing. I loved hearing Debbie's little voice talk and seeing how out of control thick my hair was. My little brother Eric does some nice dancing and singing after us.

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  1. OMGosh! That video made my day! SOOOooo cute!