Saturday, January 14, 2012

That Time I Met Jason Schwartzman

Last week I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox and was thinking about good old Wes Anderson and wondering what he was up to. Today I found out exactly he has been up to

I can not think of Wes Anderson and not think about that time I met Jason Schwartzman.

The year was 2002 my sister Debbie & I decided last minuet that we were going to go see Phantom Planet who were opening for Elvis Costello. If you watched The OC you know at least one of their songs but this was pre-OC.

Everything just seemed to work out magically that night first with these guys letting us sit in their front & center seats while Phantom Planet was playing. Then the lead singer jumped down from stage and sang with Debbie. Then before leaving the stage he came over and gave me a drum stick.

Jason was the drummer of the band and through the whole concert he did not look up once he just was beating on his drums. After such an awesome night we decided to see if we could get our CD signed. We were walking by buses trying to guess which one was theirs when we hear a guy yell "hey"(it was a nice hey I know you kind of hey) we turned to see the lead singer. We had to hang around a little longer to met the rest of the band but when Jason finally showed up he said to us. "Hey I know you girls, you girls rock hard." I asked him how he knew since he never looked up once. He replied with "oh I see all." We told him we were fans of Rushmore and I had to ask him if he was one of the announcers during this scene in The Royal Tenenbaums

He told me no, that is was actually Wes Anderson along with the other Wilson brother Andrew. I still think it sounds like him but he did tell me I wasn't the fist person who thought so.

We didn't have a camera with us but here is a picture of the signed CD Jacket.

And here are a couple of pictures of Debbie & I that were taken that year.


  1. I remember when you guys told me this story and I thought it was awesome. Since then, my love for Jason has grown a exponentially throughout the years and OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET HIM! I love him. William loves him too, so it's okay that I love him. I'm not sure if you've seen this, but it's my favorite video of Sir Jason:

  2. He's a funny guy. I love him in Scott Pilgrim and Marie Antoinette. Not so much in Marc Pease...but I think that was the script more than him.

  3. Jenny - Jason definitely has become more lovable over the past ten years for sure! Also thank you for the video I hadn't seen it and it was great!!!

    Shelly - I haven't seen Marc Pease.