Monday, January 9, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray

My parents decided they wanted to treat us all to dinner and while we were gathered for dinner my brother Mark found out his grades for his first semester at Law School were all A's & B's, good enough that he is in the top 25% of his class!
Once my brother in law Russ mentioned that getting a group of people to follow you in a cheer of hip hip hooray is good fun. I decided to give it a go and  while at the restaurant called "three cheers for Mark! Hip hip hooray... and by the third round I got a good number to join in. It was good fun, I highly recommend cheering people!

I have resolved to try and improve my artistic abilities and get over my fears of them being seen. So you may be seeing more of my little doodles on this blog.


  1. You know I love your artsy flair, Connie! I'm always telling you how make me sick. ;-)

  2. i love your doodle-y stuff! yes, more please

    x Noems