Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Tom Hardy Weekend

Being the Batman fan that I am I went to IMAX to watch a special 6 minuet trailer of the The Dark Knight Rises before Mission Impossible 3. Here was my Instagram...
and here was Debbie's
In the clip they showed men being loaded onto a plane with their heads covered, I knew which one was Bane (Tom Hardy) by just his back.
I knew who Tom was from Wuthering Heights and I know most British male actors. But I of course fell for him in Inception.

So when my brothers wanted to watch Warrior together I said come on over.
It was fun to discover that my brother Mark has a man crush on him as well. 

Lucky Britt's got this Kleenex commercial of Tom & his sensitive side.

I am really looking forward to This Means War

Has anyone seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy yet?


  1. How did I not know that you had a thing for Tom Hardy?!! I normally don't have crushes on celebrities, but Tom Hardy is so Yummy! It must be the lips.....or the rock hard bod!

  2. Ashley if a guy is British and talented & marginally good looking chances are I have a crush on him. :)

  3. There was so much to see in Inception, but I found myself just staring at Tom the entire time.