Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week

At our Sunday family dinner I had a lot of fun showing off my new iPhone with my nieces & nephews. We took pictures of ourselves then used an app to make our faces fat. We listened to Tangled songs & can I just saying singing with my nieces to Tangled is one of the best things in the world. Their passion for singing & amazing ability to sing produced the biggest smile on my face.
The last couple weeks when I have had spare time I have been sewing bows to help my mom. And earned some extra money as well. Here is about 70 of the 170 I have sewn so far.

I am determined to finish the last few I have so I can read the books I have this weekend. I had been waiting for these books to come from the library but have been to busy sewing or other things to read them. But I have listened to free audiobooks on my iPhone, Pride & Prejudice & Persuasion. Thank you Debbie for telling me about that app. 

I also babysat Debbie's kids while her & Russ went to the Temple

 Yesterday I was driving to Debbie's we were going to go see the movie 17 Miracles our cousin Kim & her kids are in it. While driving to Debbie's I saw these beautiful clouds. When I see clouds like this I always think of a little boy Debbie had babysat for back in jr high who saw similar clouds and told his parents "shhh Jesus is going to talk."

 Then out of no where it started to rain with the sun still shinning & had pretty much stopped by the time I got to Debbie's.

 It was so much fun to see Kim & her kids on the big screen, here are two of her boys Kaleb & Kalvin.

Every time Keaton was on the screen everyone would awwwhhh over his cuteness. Ok maybe not the time he was eating the cow pie. 
(stolen from facebook page)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence day weekend (those in the States at least). I plan on dividing my time between reading & swimming. 

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  1. I sure love that picture at the top. Singing with you and making fat face pictures was the highlight of their evening. They talked about it all the way home.