Monday, June 13, 2011


I have heard others talk about how looking at blogs can get them down. It can make them feel that their life is not as perfect, exciting, fun or whatever the case may be. I once followed a link to a blog and it felt very I am going to all these places so I can blog about it and make myself seem cool. But other than that one blog (which shall not be named) I never feel down by the blogs I follow. It is not that I never get slight pangs of envy but you know what feels way better than envy? Happiness for that person & when I am sincerely happy for someone & they feel my sincerity it strengthens our friendship or makes one grow that was not there before.
It is hard for me to believe that anyone would look at my blog and feel envy. (Wow that Connie, she sure does read a lot, man I hate her.) It is just hard to see it when I am sitting her with hmm what am I going to do, blog, read, watch whatever TV show on DVD I borrowed from the library or do some laundry. Not that I am complaining, I absolutely am not I love my life. It is not perfect I have struggles just like anybody else but I choose to focus on finding the light/happiness in my life. If you are staring at the light when darkness comes the light will stay with you. Go ahead stare at your light then close your eyes, the light is still there.


  1. Anonymous13 June, 2011

    I like this. I like reading people's blogs just to see what's they're up to. We all prioritize. And some people have more time than others due to circumstances. We shouldn't judge. And we definitely should not covet what others have/do/whatever you see that they're blogging about.

    But we are all different people. With different talents. And while I like things I see on people's blogs that they may make, I just don't have the time/energy/will to do it right then. And that's OKAY! I like being ME! And I've got struggles. But I try to learn from them and make my life better. We all have struggles. See the good. Have hope.

    I know it kind of got jumbled at the end. But *like* your post.

  2. Connie Onnie, you're awesome. You should know that I do feel slight envy toward your blog because you do read so much, and I don't seem to read enough. But I loved this post; what a great reminder. Thank you... You're the best!!

  3. I have heard news stories about Facebook making people depressed because they're envious of these "amazing lives" other people are leading. I do not get that. I so don't care if other people are supposedly leading more "exciting" lives than I am. Of course, there are things I would like to do or wish I could do, but I'm pretty happy with my ordinary, "boring" life.

  4. Like. Thanks for this lovely little reminder!